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Feb 23, 2008 07:52 PM

ISO brown rice sushi

I'm looking for an uptown Toronto japanese restaurant that serves brown rice sushi?
I've been to Oshio at Steeles & Don Mills which is very good, but I'm looking for something more central.

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    HoSu bistro at Yonge/Eg, Sushi Star and Sushi Eaton Eg east of Yonge, all have the option availbible as far as i know

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    1. re: LemonLauren

      Sushi Star definitely has brown rice sushi. Never had it but their regular sushi is terrible. The rolls are mis-formed. It's mostly rice. Service can be slow. The imitation crab in their California rolls taste like an imitation of imitation crab. Eating it right now and felt compelled to comment. Upside - they have cheap lunch specials.


    2. Also Echo Sushi, between Eglinton and Davisville on Yonge, will substitute brown rice. I love this place, best sushi in the area with the exception of Sushi & Tea. But I digress...

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      1. re: sgogo

        I used to go to echo for my brown rice sushi needs, but it's kind of out of the way for me. Are there any places (AYCE preferred) east of Bayview, north of Lawrence, west of Markham Road, and south of highway 7 that would also do brown rice sushi?

      2. Edo has it too. And I think Sushi Rock at Yonge and Eglinton also has it.

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        1. re: kasey j miller

          Yes, Sushi Rock does have brown rice sushi.

          1. re: thenurse

            I think Sushi Island in Little Italy has it.

              1. re: 325i

                I've had black rice rolls Sushi Island, but not brown rice. They probably have both?

          2. Mariko (at least the one in the Annex at Bloor and Bathurst) has brown rice sushi options available.

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            1. re: Yum2MyTum

              And Rikishi at Bloor & Shaw. Brown rice in sushi is not that uncommon.

            2. I think Nijo Restaurant might have brown rice sushi.

              I saw them at Whole Foods in New York. Not sure if the Japanese counter at Yorkville has them.