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Feb 23, 2008 06:49 PM

German Restaurants in Los Angeles?

Hey, everyone. I'm fairly new to the Los Angeles area and will be having my first set of visitors in a little over a month... consisting of my mother, her husband, and an exchange student from Germany.

As you can guess, I'd like to take the German student to some place that may remind her of home. My mom lives in a very small town in Michigan and I know for a fact this poor girl probably hasn't had a dang thing that reminds her of home except for the Niederegger chocolates I managed to track down out here and send to Michigan for her.

It doesn't matter where it's at in the Los Angeles area, but if possible make it somewhere close to Koreatown (funny... I know) and I'd like it to be as authentic as we can manage. Other areas that I would also prefer over others would be Santa Monica, Universal City/Valley Village/Studio City, LAX area, or even downtown.

Budget considerations should be modest, I'm not looking for some fine-dining experience here... and I think that should keep it more authentic too. Ideally I'm probably looking at something less than $20 per person (and if that makes me cheap... then so be it). Again though... I'm open to options if I don't have many.

Any suggestions are welcome, however. I know y'all can help me out here, I've been lurking for a few days and am confident that someone on this board knows SOMETHING. I look forward to posting more with all of you and exploring the dining experiences our lovely city has.


And why did I just end that like a letter? I have no idea...

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  1. I can only start with the thought that the student wants nothing to do with home and wants to experience the ultimate LA scene. In that regard the student wants to see Hollywood etc. That aside, I can only suggest Alpine Village- not for its ambiance, but for the market where he or she can be the guide and point out items they use at home and feel a bit of bonding with you. They do have good sausages and decent breads (and Kinder eggs..) so it may be fun.

    1. Go to the Red Lion Inn in Silverlake on Glendale blvd. It will be hard to stay under $20 though.Good food, great beer and the bar crowd can be fun too.

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        Second the recommendation for the Red Lion in Silverlake. It's the closest you will get to a German Biergarten in Los Angeles, with only a little bit of kitsch. Food is good, beer is good, it's owned by Germans (so she might get to speak a little), and it's got a bit of Los Angeles scene-ster ambiance to go along with it.

        Edited to add: I took a professor there who was from Eastern Europe. He was teaching at UCLA and was very homesick. He LOVED the Red Lion.

        1. re: DanaB

          Your professor from Eastern Europe might also really appreciate Warsawa, a Polish restaurant on Lincoln Blvd on Santa Monica. IT's been around for a long time, and while I've never been to Poland, the interior of the place reminded me of restaurants in (the former) Yugoslavia and (the former) Czechoslovakia that I visited many years ago. Food is also very good.

          1. re: NAspy


            Warszawa Restaurant
            1414 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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              This is really a joint. Food is adequate @ best.

            2. re: DanaB

              Speaking of kitsch, too bad Lowenbrau Keller is gone. I haven't been to the Lion in 10 years...-at the time, the sausage was the only reliable thing on the menu and you got the feeling that food quality was secondary (to what was a mystery.) Has it changed that much for the better?

              1. re: Hungry4Good

                Re. the Red Lion, I only said I thought the food was "good" not great. Personally, I like the sausage platter and the goulash. Roast chicken, when they have it, is decent as well.

                Apparantly the Lowenbrau Keller has been reopened under another name, with the same decor. There was a thread about it recently.

                1. re: DanaB

                  Alpine Village is a kick, they have dancing on the weekends. It is like a little Gerrman Village. It's just off the freeway, so it's easy to get too.

                  Alpine Village Market
                  833 Torrance Blvd Ste 1A, Torrance, CA 90502

          2. You might want to read other topics from the locations on the LA area German place map, which includes a grand total of seven :-( establishments:

            Besides the Red Lion, Old World and Jagerhaus are well thought of but involve Serious driving.

            Another place I haven't yet tried is a local bar/restaurant named Zina's in Torrance. It was reported as Czech but the menu looks pretty German/Austrian to me:

            Good hunting!

            1. Again, not in LA proper, and also not a restaurant, but if the German exchange student is hankering for things from home you should go to Schreiner's in Glendale.

              I live near Jagerhaus. The food is very good but they desperately need to update the restaurant.

              1. If this student is from Bavaria, she might appreciate the weisswurst platter with pretzel roll at 3 Square Cafe in Venice. The owner, Hans, is Austrian, so the dish is not exactly the same as you'd fine in Munich, but it's pretty close.

                I'm big into German food and I have to say that LA does not have many great options -- other cities like Chicago and NYC have much more to offer.

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                1. re: glutton

                  Just a note: Hans is German, 3 Square's chef de cuisine Wolfgang, is Austrian. And yes, the weisswurst is good and so is the leberkas :)

                  1. re: sharkgirl88

                    That was a serious faux pas on my part. Oops.

                  2. re: glutton

                    After browsing the 3 Square website, I'm SO disappointed that they don't have kaiserschmarrn on the menu. I've always wanted to try this mystery dish (a.k.a. schmorn) from my fathers youth:
                    Anyone see this elsewhere around here? TIA!

                    3 Square Cafe
                    1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

                    1. re: DiveFan

                      A dive it ain't, but at Spago Beverly Hills, kaiserschmarren has been on the menu since it day one. Extremely good kaiserschmarren.

                      1. re: DiveFan

                        I'll bet if you talk to the chef and give him enough notice, he'd make it for you.

                        Just a thought...

                        1. re: DiveFan

                          try contacting Csardas on Melrose and see if they can make csaszarmorzsa (chassar-mor-zha) - same dish different language.. They might make it to order.
                          Csardas Restaurant.
                          5820 Melrose Ave
                          Los Angeles, CA 90038-3709.
                          Phone: 323-962- 6434

                        2. re: glutton

                          You are close to right. There are only a few German restaurants in NY, none of thgem will replace Luchow's.
                          The onlu upscale German we had was The Black Forest in Santa Monica. Nothing here now. I pine for a GOOD Holsteiner schnitzel like I used to get in Bamberg in my youth.