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Feb 23, 2008 06:36 PM

Seattle-area Dim Sum

The last thread I could find was from a year ago, so permit me to re-ask: where is the best dim sum in the Seattle area? We are willing to bring our passports if the answer is, "in the suburbs."

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  1. The Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant is pretty good down at the Great Wall shopping center in Kent.

    We were always partial to the Hong Kong Seafood in Rainier Beach, but it partially burnt down. The owners there recently (within the last 5 months) purchased the New Kowloon in the ID. I'd say the quality suffered a little in the move, but it does have the additional positive in the ID of its own parking lot.

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      1. The Four Seas in the International district, its like a block north of Uwajimaya.

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          1. Top Gun Seafood Restaurant and Noble Court are both in bellevue. They're better than anyplace that I've eaten at that's actually in seattle.

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              I used to love Noble Court in Bellevue, but their quality seems to have slipped in the last couple years.

              Check out O'Asian in Seattle - EXCELLENT!

              1. re: akq

                Now that you mention it, I do recall that my last visit to noble court was kind of disappointing, and that might have been a year ago. My one experience at O'Asian was not great. The basics weren't that solid, and our large group ate at a long rectangular table instead of a round one with a lazy susan, which made it tricky. It is right in seattle though, which gets bonus points.

                1. re: swarf

                  That's too bad about your experience with O'Asian. I've had good experiences every time I've been there, except sometimes it takes a while to get seated and for the food to come around. I've also never been there with a big group - usually just 5 people or less. I think the owner and chef at O'Asian are from Top Gun and Noble Court, respectively.

                  1. re: akq

                    Honestly, the best part of O'Asian is the free parking. Food is on par with Top gun. I think they have the same owner or he used to own Top Gun. Anyone wants real dim sum though, have got to go up to BC. Kirin in Richmond serves everything just perfectly & have better ingredients too.

                2. re: akq

                  Agree on Noble Court. It's gone way downhill and not worth the time or money.