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Feb 23, 2008 06:35 PM

Old City Cafe Burritos

I just had an old city cafe microwave burritos, and they were surprisingly good. the burrito kept up pretty well in the microwave and wasn't soggy at all and the filling (vegetable and bean) was tasty and not too salty. For kosher food on the go its pretty good.

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  1. Their pizza burrito is pretty good, as well.

    1. Their enchiladas are good too! Don't let the mole one intimidate you. It's not as sweet as it might look.

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        I used to have the breakfast one in a rush, and I always liked them.

      2. I LOVE the pizza ones, especailly for a quick, hot breakfast! The chicken and rice ones are good too.

        1. I got to go with Havdalahclub on this one. Burrito is ok for a snack, The Enchiladas
          are indeed superior by far.

          Very Authentic Sauces both red and green, the green is spicer,
          the red has real chocolate in the ingredients, mexican cooking is one of the few cusines to use chocolate in their dishes.
          I think they are too good to microwave,
          so now I go through a ritual and get them on a plate like a meal and give them the respect they deserve.

          I put them in the microwave for 60 seconds, to losen it up a bit from the freezer,
          then put them in a covered frying pan (with butter or oil) at very low heat for 10 - 20 minutes, If the heat is not low enough it will burn it soooo have patience. If you add a few drops of water it will create a little steam and help things along.

          A little sour cream on the side maybe a side of rice? even eggs scramble or fried, would give you a fairly solid meal here.

          I did some mexican cooking today so I am in the mood, I bought some "wick fowlers"
          chili kit, it is excellent, all the spices you need to make a great chili, you can buy them by the dozen on get free shipping and split them with your freinds the are like 2.30 each here is the link