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Feb 23, 2008 06:24 PM

Mamma Martino's ...Huh?

Decided to join my sister and brother-in-law at Mamma Martino's (Queensway Location) for dinner. (Went once 7 years ago -- wasn't impressed ... prefer Rocco's)

Luckily, we managed to be seated before the deluge of the dinner crowd. By 6:30 pm, there is a line up right to around the corner.

We shared a pizza -- it was thin crust and ...... utterly tasteless.

I went for the old stand-by -- Spaghetti & Meatballs, my co-horts went for Lasagna.

Let's just say my entree was "S&M" to say the least. It was totally un-edible. The sauce was bland and runny. The meatballs tasted like cardboard -- more stuffing than meat. The pasta was dry, floury and powdery. I could have a better plate of spaghetti & meatballs at a Kelsey's!

Saving grace:

1. It was cheap
2. Doggy-bagged it and put it in a soup broth at home (which made it edible, think of a can of Campbells soup)

My big question ... Why do people line-up for this "STUFF" ??????

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  1. Beats me. I think that place is horribly overrated. I've been a few times as a guest of someone, and the place was ridiculously crowded and the meal bland.

    1. Have to agree. I drive by this place twice a day and in the evening, the cars lining up to get in is phenomenal. A friend of ours knows the owner, and we took them to Rocco's one day and all he did was talk about MM and the great guy that owns the place. We asked a whole lot of times if he liked the food, and all we got was how great the owner is, Bruno. So, perhaps the appeal is not the food, but because they may know the owner? LOL. I will sometimes stop and get the caesar salad, but really, nothing else. I would much rather pay my money at Rocco's or even Thyme 4 than at MM.

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      1. re: maryfran

        I do agree ... that the owner and the staff are friendly.
        How many rest. do you know that build a waiting area for the line-ups?

        But I'd rather spend my money on a Spaghetti TV dinner or Chef Boy-Ar-Dee than go back.

      2. Before my buddy moved he lived right across the street on Grand Ave...

        I concur 100%

        This place is terrible. The "Chicken parmesean" or "veal parm" dinner is always so horribly bland and soggy.

        1. Yeah, people who I've talked to who go here have all said that it's a good hang out spot. And that they just can't remember when they started going, and that it's just out of habit .....................
          So ......... it's not the food. :)

          1. The one time I went there I had a decent (not great) meal. There were quite a few seniors present, as in more than average, so this adds credence to the "hang out" place.