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Feb 23, 2008 06:18 PM

Looking for some exciting take out in San Diego. . .

I am looking for some new and exciting to takeout for dinner tonight. Here is what we've had in the past few weeks:
El Comal
Ba Ren
Spicy City
Dede's Teajuice
Pizzeria Luigi
Huffmans's Barbeque
Mariscos German
Super Cocina
and that El Salvadorian place on University
Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions for something new and interesting

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  1. Why are you doing take out from every corner of the county and not one general neighborhood? Sit down and relax somewhere close to home! It'll be fresh and hot.

      1. re: Josh

        2nd Punjabi Tandoor. Add Surati Farsan Mart.

        Dumpling Inn does take-out, although it's better eaten on-site b/c you lose the wok hay fragrance after the food is out of the wok for a few minutes.

        Yakitori K-1 also does take out. However, their yakitori tastes better fresh off the grill.

        Mama Testa's and El Cuervo both do food to go.

        1. re: daantaat

          K-1 Yakitori closed about a month ago. Their head cook had to go back to Japan for personal reasons.

          1. re: jessicah

            oh bummer--thanks for the heads up!

            1. re: daantaat

              You're welcome! The server said that he hopes that they'll be able to reopen the place.

          2. re: daantaat

            Went back to Surati Farsan yesterday and came away really impressed. I wasn't so big on the thali I had there, but yesterday I had the masala dosa and it was amazingly good.

            1. re: Josh

              try their mysore masala dosa if you like hot and spicy food! It was just on that side of challenging for us--slightly runny nose and burning mouth.... :-)

              1. re: daantaat

                Had it tonight. Loved it. Not quite that hot for me, but very tasty.

                1. re: Josh

                  wow--someone who tolerates heat better than I do! We'll have to get together sometime and do a spicy food run!

                  1. re: daantaat

                    Mariscos German would be good for that. Last time I was there the aguachile was very fiery, but if not there's always the fresh habanero salsa to get things rolling. :-)

                    1. re: Josh

                      oiy--habanero salsa?? I will need a big glass of horchata on the side!

          3. re: Josh

            I made it up to Punjabi Tandoor last night and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation, I have been curious to try some of the Indian places up there. Surati Farsan is next.

          4. It would be cool to here your opinon/reports on some of the places you have been to listed.

            I am interested in:
            -El Comal
            -Mariscos German
            - Papuseria El Salvador

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            1. re: kare_raisu

              Okay, first El Comal. We started eating here while the location on Imperial was open and I love this place. Our usual is the botana appetizer, cochonita pibil and the veggie burrito with nopal.
              In regard to Chilangos I have to say that I was pretty disappointed, especially after reading all of the glowing reports on this board. The only thing that really stands out in my mind are those crazy multicolored chips, pretty scary.
              On the other hand Mariscos German is amazing! I haven't been to the 28th Street location yet but the truck on University blew me away! The fish tacos are great but the tostada loca was really incredible, ceviche, oysters, mussels, really fantastic. I am looking forward to going to the other location, it looks like they have a fish market, too.
              I like Super Cocina a lot, my favorite is the scrambled eggs in a red sauce, pretty simple but really wonderful.
              I tried Papuseria El Salvador for the first time just a few days ago and really enjoyed it. Carne guisada, plantanos, yuca, and this other dish that looked like fried squash blossoms and tasted like nothing I have ever encountered before.
              So, let me know what other places I am missing out on!

              1. re: theroman_empire

                What time did you visit the Mariscos German truck? I think I might have to drop by for dinnertime takeout.

                1. re: geekyfoodie

                  I went on a Sunday afternoon but I have seen it there pretty late some nights. I think they are there until at least 8. Enjoy!

                  1. re: geekyfoodie

                    I think they're open until 7, if I remember the sign right.

                  2. re: theroman_empire

                    Are you driving ten minutes home with this take out or 45 minutes?

                    That is probably what is making such a difference in your satisfaction/disappintment factor.

                    1. re: Cathy

                      Usually around ten, fifteen minutes. Also, just a quick disclaimer, all of this take out recently is because we are getting ready to move and the kitchen is all packed up.

                2. Agree about Dumpling Inn..
                  I really like the fish tortas from El Pescador in LJ..
                  Had really good falafels to go from Cafe Athena..

                  1. Batter Up has good burgers, salads, and a shrimp roll-type sandwich with a nice, tangy sauce. Decent prices. Very down-to-earth and efficient staff. Check it out:

                    batter up
                    san diego

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                    1. re: gpdexter

                      No address on your beta link, gpdexter. Could you give us an address?

                      ETA: Never mind, googled a website, even better:

                      1. re: gpdexter

                        If I'm going to go to that complex, nine times out of ten I'm going to end up at Magnolias for an Oyster Po'Boy or Fried Chicken. I'd imagine you could get takeout from Magnolias.

                        1. re: mikec

                          you can, but if I'm taking out fried chicken, I'm either driving up to Huffman's or over to Betty Jean's on 54th. I do like the maggies at Magnolias, and they do a nice blackened fish if you ask them!