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Feb 23, 2008 06:06 PM

Portugese sweet rolls?

This post is more in line with your regular topics than my first one.

Many, many years ago, when my girls were still in grammar school, we went on a vacation to Massachussetts. In the greater New Bedford area, there is a fair-sized Portugese population, and a few of their bakeries.

Our hostess treated us to some most delicious sweet rolls called "Malasadas." (spelling is guesswork.)

Since then, I have scoured the So. San Francisco/Daly City/Pacifica area, as well as Half Moon Bay, in search of a Portugese bakery. No luck.

I now live out by Antioch in the far eastern side of Contra Costa County. Has anyone ever heard of these sweet rolls, eaten them, or know where I can buy some?

Thanks for any info...


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      Thanks for that...I don't know about the 'through Easter,' thing, though...when we had them, it was the middle of summer.

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        If you want your memories really sweet here the place for malasadas.

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          uhh...thanks...sounds good, but I think 3K miles to HI is a little far to travel for this treat. ;-)

          Thanks anyway...

    2. Santa Clara has Souza's. Souza's used to be a Portugese Bakery but IIRC was sold a few years ago. They may have been renamed to Portugese Bakery.

      San Jose has a Portuguese Community, Alum Rock (aka Santa Clara) and Highway 101, there is a bakery in the area.

      King's Hawaiian Rolls are based on Portugese "Keeper Rolls".

      1. Hi Liz, as mentioned most of the Portuguese bakeries are in the South Bay and they only make malasadas on Fat Tuesday. The exception to this is Portuguese Bakery in Santa Clara which makes them daily.

        If you do make it down there, go in the morning because a malasada (or fihlo) is just a donut and they get stale quick.

        While the malasadas at the bakeries have be ok, none of them have been amazing. However, these bakeries makes some other great Portuguese baked goods. My favorite is Popular Bakery in San Jose followed by Hiser in Hayward. I still have 9 Islands Bakery in Rohnert Park to try. However, 9 Islands doesn't have a fryer so they never make malasadas.

        Hawaiians also make malasadas so they show up at a few Hawaiian restaunants and festivals. There is one in SF in August.

        Nearish you in Rodeo, you can order malasadas for Fat Tuesday (missed it already this year) from People's Liquor. They sell some Hiser baked goods and take orders once a year.

        Upcoming are the Portuguese festas which happen 40 days after Easter ... and through around July. Actually I had my first amazingly delicious malasada at a Portuguese festa in San Pablo last year ... hot from the fryer and made by Portuguese ladies ... the malasadas were heavenly.

        San Pablo Portuguese Festa – Sopa do Espírito Santo, filhos, massa sovada, bagpipes & tiaras

        The big festas from my understanding are in San Jose and Monterrey. Mountain View also has a sizable festa.

        Here's a link to information about all the Portuguese bakeries and food in the Bay Area including those mentioned above

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          Gustine is huge in the Festa world. It's on Labor Day weekend. They have bloodless bullfights.
          Pismo at the end of August is also a big gathering of people from all over California (no bullfights).

        2. I would call Luso Mercado in San Leandro and ask them if they have fihlos or malasadas.


          If you describe them as sweet rolls they might think you're talking about masa cevada/pão doce which is more like Hawaiian sweet bread.

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