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Feb 23, 2008 05:54 PM

Greek in West LA???

Any good greek or lebanese in WLA? I am looking for hummus, kabobs,etc...

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  1. For Greek on the westside, there is Daphne on Westwood. Mama Voula's, in a Santa Monica Blvd. minimall at Brockton, has been replaced by El Super Taco. I'd love for some other rec's for gyros (generous portion, nicely charred, good garlicky sauce) or even spanikopita or moussaka.

    On the other hand, the area is lush with kebobs, shawarma, koobideh, and falafel. My favorite is Shamshiri on Westwood north of Santa Monica Blvd. for big portions of chicken shawarma or beef koobideh, with good flatbread and shirazi salad. In my experience better than Flame, Sheherzad, or the nearby Javan. There is a lot of love for Sunnin, which is Lebanese, and more a counter with a few small tables. Some complain that their falafel is reheated in a microwave, but mine have always been fresh and delicious, a good value.

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      Daphne's is a chain. If you're in Westwood, there's another little Greek restaurant south of Wilshire - I forget the name, but its about 4 blocks south, on the West side of the street, across from the Borders. Better than Daphnes'.

      As the poster above says, Westwood is also great for Persian food. For something you can't find elswhere, try the Attari sandwich shop - it's in a little courtyard you access from the sidestreet just south of Borders,

      Here's Jonathan Gold's review of it:

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        I'm so so sorry -- slip of the fingers. The Greek restaurant that I meant to cite is indeed a few blocks south of Wilshire across from the Borders books, and is called Delphi.

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        i think the only greek places on the westside are chains such as daphne's.

      3. A bit more of a drive is Papa Cristo's - it is an original greek style retaurant located around the corner from a greek orthodox church and whenever we go there it is full of locals. It is also a little greek market - I am not sure of address or hours but it is very good authentic, non chain food

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          I love Papa Cristos! Address is 2771 W. Pico at Normandy. Caution: It's closed on Mondays. On Thursday nights they do a "My Big Fat Greek Family Dinner" (or at least they used to) -- basically, they serve dinner family-style.

          One other word of caution: the atmosphere is...well...the food is GREAT. You order at a small counter, they give you a number card, and then they deliver the food to you in a room much like a church rec center that is decorated about the same way.

        2. There's a place in Santa Monica on the northern end of the 3rd Street Promenade that my wife and I like. It's called the Stop 'N Cafe. Pricey for what you get, but it's on the Promenade so that shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Great chicken kebobs, hummos, and avgolemono soup.

          1. That sucks Mama Voula's closed...I had heard a lot of good things about it and had been meaning to check it out. I guess I just have to go and check places out before it's too late. It seems like restaurants are closing and new ones opening at an increasing speed right now.

            I also second Sunnin, the Lebanese place on Westwood Blvd. Little hole in the wall, but very tasty food for not too much money. Would definitely be considerably higher in a nice sit down atmosphere. There are tables though, picture yourself in Beirut without the bombs!

            1. If its not too far of a drive for you Taverna Tony in Malibu probably has the best combination of Greek food and ambiance.

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                That may be true, but it would be heavily weighted toward ambiance. The food's not particularly great.

                1. re: soccerandlost

                  As a Greek in LA, i can tell you that there is no great Greek food here at all. I find Tony's to be the best available of all the options.

                  1. re: carln

                    You like Taverna Tony's better than Papa Cristos?

                    1. re: soccerandlost

                      Papa Cristos is good in a went-to-a-greek-friends-house-for-a-home-cooked-meal kind of way. Tony's is more of a restaurant. Better selection, better ingredients, etc. Dont get me wrong, i like Papa Cristos, but there is a limit to the kind of entertaining you can do there.

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                        Gotcha. That's actually a very accurate description of Papa Cristos and a fair explanation of its limitations.