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Feb 23, 2008 05:51 PM

What is the best Belgian Restaurant Downtown and on another note what is the best Themed Restaurant?


My Birthday is in two weeks and I want to celebrate by having lunch at an authentic Belgian restaurant which serves great mussels and has imported fruit beers and for dinner I want to go to a lively restaurant like one with drag queen cabaret or belly-dancers. Any tips on either?

One Love

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  1. The Fat Belgian has moules & frites on the menu plus a selection of fruit beers -

    menu -

    Fat Belgian
    115 John St, Toronto, ON M9N, CA

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    1. re: JamieK

      I wouldn't recommend the Fat Belgian. We went once and got mediocre food and terrible service. Another friend of mine also had bad service, and I think I remember reading a review on Chowhound that was even worse. Good beers, but not much else. Isn't there a Belgian place on the Danforth that's supposed to be good?

      1. re: Strongbad789

        Oh that's too bad, I've been meaning to check it out because I miss the Belgian-style moules et frites I used to have at Cafe Brussels.

        Actually, that's probably the place on the Danforth you're thinking of -- Cafe Brussels, closed two years ago or so, I think. Where Globe Bistro is now located.

        1. re: JamieK

          Thanks for the detailed advice. I'm going to recheck on Le Petite Dejeuner tomorrow to see if the menu link is working.

          I've been advised against the Sultan's Tent so I'm going to have to go to another place for dinner and a live event.

    2. I can't totally vouch for 100% "authenticity" but Le Petite Dejeuner on King East has quite a few Belgian inspired items on the menu (frites, waffles, mussels) as well as some Belgian beers (Leffe, De Konink) in tap and bottle. I've always found it to be a cozy little place with good food and decent service; I notice other's opinions seem to vary. On weekends there is only a very crowded all-day brunch though. The website is at -- though the menu links seem busted at the moment.

      A short walk from there is the Sultan's Tent at Front & Church, which has bellydancers, though I've heard it is something of a tourist trap with mediocre "Moroccan" food.

      Le Petit Dejeuner
      191 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J5, CA

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      1. re: Gary

        Associated with Petit Dejeuner is Goed Eten in Kensington Market. I've never been there but it sounds good and I've been meaning to for ages. It's a waffle house.

        1. re: Gary

          Goed Eten unfortunately doesn't do mussels.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I know that beerbistro is not an authentic Belgian restaurant but along with their usual mussels that they always have on the menu they have a mussel fest on right now from Feb 19 to Mar 16. They also make excellent Belgian Frites and have many really good Belgian beers available including a large variety of fruit beers! You will definitely LOVE the beerbistro!!! Website: