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Jan 30, 2002 11:51 PM


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Does anybody know where I can find some fresh or frozen Stingray? Chinatown maybe?

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  1. Any decent fish market. Ask for skate, though.

    1. Try one of the large Korean supermarkets. There's one on Olympic on the second block west of Vermont, south side of the street. They seemed to have a decent sized fish section, and I've had skate in Korean restaurants.

      1. I have a standing request at Fish King in Glendale - when they have skate in, they call me, and if I want some (it goes awfully fast) they'll hold it for me. Last time I got two pounds (enough for both of us to eat too much!) at $4.99/lb. I've also seen it at the San Gabriel Superstore for less - I think maybe $2.99 - and one day I'll have to get some there. Raie au beurre noir is the greatest fish dish in the universe...