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Feb 23, 2008 04:45 PM

Are there real french Bretagne crepes in Queens? Help us Cannelle in JH!

Here's a photo of what I mean...there's a terrific place in Dania, Fl where the Chef is from Bretagne and makes authentic French Bretagne crispy and light crepes, not the heavy doughy renditions you can find elsewhere..they are hard to find...anyone seen any in Queens..what about Brooklyn, LI?----Looking for all kinds of fillings such as:

Stuffed Crepes

Zucchini, Tomato, Eggplant (Ratatouille)
Swiss Cheese, Asparagus, Ham
Swiss Cheese & Apple
Swiss Cheese, Sausage, Ratatouille
Swiss Cheese, Egg, Ham
Apple, Blue Cheese
Swiss Cheese, Asparagus
Chicken In White Sauce
Swiss Cheese, Spinach, White Sauce
Swiss Cheese, Spinach, Garlic Butter
Swiss Cheese, Mushrooms, Ham
Swiss Cheese, Snail, Garlic Butter
Swiss Cheese, Shrimp, Garlic Butter
V├ęg├ętarienne (Broccoli, Spinach, Mushrooms)

Dessert Crepes

Ice Cream
Ice Cream, Apples
Bananas, Chocolate Sauce
Bananas, Ice Cream
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Strawberries & Ice Cream
Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce
Peach Melba
Pears, Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce
Apples & Walnuts
Suzette (Orange Preserve & Grand Marnier)
Ice Cream & Cranberries

Saw an entry for Dora's coffee shop and creperie in Ridgewood but the photos I saw look like the heavy doughy kind, and they're Polish there, not French from what I read.

The tea n creparie places suck, and are dirty also...and not at all what I'm after...

Wonder if we can get Cannelle to make crepes?????

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  1. About 3 weeks ago, I noticed some packages inside the display case at Cannelle labeled crepes. The girl behind the counter said they were not for sale, so I'm wondering if they were made for a special order?

    Janie, the Cannelle website has the e-mail address for pastry chef, Perrenou. Why not drop him a line or 2 and ask? It would be awesome if they added crepes to their already amazing collection. I was there earlier today, and both pastry chefs were out and speaking to the customers at the tables. They really seem eager to please, so it's worth a shot to ask them.

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    1. re: sandrina

      I was thinking of doing this, as I had sent an email after I went the first time just to say how great the place husband was there today and picked up a bunch of treats for me, as it's my birthday today and I wasn't feeling well enough to go out...there is something in the box called creole chocolate cake, looks well as some of my other favorites.....will email him this link and see what he thinks of the crepes idea..I think it would be great there...and they've definitely got the room for it, it appears. We were also there on wed and pigged out...this place is definitely ruining my ability to stay on my diet plan...will have to repent for the next month after everything I ate!

      1. re: sandrina

        okay, just pleaded my case by email...let's hope for a crepe miracle!

      2. Farther west than you're thinking, maybe, but have you tried Cafe Triskell?

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        1. re: squid kun

          Thanks..didn't know about this place...will definitely check it out and report astoria, here's their website:

          Have you tried it?

          1. re: janie

            Not yet - on my list. Heard some good things about it last year ...

            1. re: squid kun

              I've been to Cafe Triskell but just once. I thought it was good - not change your life kind of place but the crepes were well executed. Cute place. I wish I could find a good crepe place - I had an old favorite in Midtown when I first moved to NYC in '98 that closed a few years later and then up until recently I loved Palacinka in SoHo but they just closed too.

        2. Have you tried Cafe Henri in LIC (near Vernon-Jackson)? They have both savory and sweet crepes on the menu, and they're pretty good. Not in JH, but a quick trip.

          1. You have got to try crepes made by Madeline, the crepe lady in the theater district:



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            1. re: famdoc

              went to cafe triskell the other day and was not happy at all. on a sunday at noon not to have any vegetables for any off thier menu items wasnt the worst of it...our waitress was just completly out there, for real. she made it very uncomfortable. one of the 3 crepes we ordered was good but overall for the price they are definatly not worth it.

              1. re: chefjellynow

                I also went to Cafe Triskell about a week ago for lunch. This is one of those little BYOB places that nobody knows about and the regulars probably want to keep it that way. The place is a hole in the wall with funky cool art with yellow & orange walls???, but it's clean and I had a ridiculously good roasted veggie/chicken crepe and cinammon butter crepe and sweet cider. I think it was like $20 w/tax & tip. If I knew what an authentic french creperie was, this would be my guess. There are no pretensions and I'd say its a good date spot. I'll have to go for dinner...they have crabcakes & mussels with fries. I'll let you know...

                1. re: stjredmen

                  also went to triskell for the first time this past week at dinnertime and was thoroughly charmed (not to mention well fed). the nigjhtly specials (mussels and -- separately, of coourse -- diver scallops) sounded good, but we decided to stick to our guns and stay the crepe route.

                  i started with a ceasar salad, and my friend with a house salad, both of which were huge and, in the case of mine, nicely dressed, with just enough anchovy in the mix to give things a bite. left some of the salad behind in order to insure i'd be able to soldier on, and the exceedingly charming waitress wondered if there was something wrong with it, and asked a couple of times if i was sure everything was alright. what a doll!

                  followed sith savory crepes -- mushroom and swiss for me, goat cheese for my friend. the actual crepes were wonderful. not too thin, and hearty with that buckwhweat flavor. if i had one suggestion, it'd be to slice, rather than merely halve, the mushrooms, which were a tad less cooked through than i'd prefer. still, a nice combo w/the swiss and such.

                  shared a banana/chocolate crepe for dessert, and had the homemade cider alongside the first two courses. total was jus a hair over 50 bucks including tax n tip. the place was empty when we arrived for an early meal, packed, including the homey counter by the open kitchen, by the time we left.

                  definitely plotting a retun trip soon.

            2. I noticed those crepes also. That's an awesome pastry shop although the girls in the front are halfway retarded and have a bad attitude. I found out the crepes were from Cafe Triskell, which I then went and ate lunch there. I wrote a review above. Does anyone know a good wine bar in LIC/Astoria?