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Feb 22, 2008 06:08 PM

Jalapeno Cheese Bread [split from LA]

(Note: This post was split from the LA board at: -- The Chowhound Team).

If you ever find yourself planning a trip to Yosemite you have to stop in Bishop, CA at "Erick Schat’s Bakkerÿ." I had the most amazing jalapeño cheese bread straight out of the oven. I really wish I would have bought more than one loaf because that one didn't make it out of the parking lot.

They credit themselves as the creators of "The Original Sheepherder Bread," which I believe was similar to sourdough. But as far as leaving a lasting impression it was no competition for their cheese topped delights.

763 N Main St
Bishop, CA 93514
(760) 873-7156

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  1. Oh yeah! When I think jalapeno cheese I think Schats! Especially crisped up in the oven.

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      The BEST! how about those "Swedish Dream Cookies?" Aw i messed up Some Co-Workers went up there this weekend for business. I forgot to ask for some goodies.....

    2. It is a good time to make that drive to Bishop and for three reasons – Schat’s Bakery, Mahogany Smoked Meats and the scenic drive in cool weather before the heat of summer. I once had relatives living in Bishop and they took us to a local’s location of Schat’s. I recall it was a little south of the Main St. location and on a side street just off of Main. Not a fancy store at all. Just a side-door hole-in-the-wall but very fresh bread was on the racks inside. Since only locals knew about the location there was no line of people like the place on Main. I recall thinking that this was the place they actually backed bread.

      I am not going to compare the jalapeno cheese from Schat’s against the jalapeno cheese from House of Bread but I will say they are different kinds of bread. Schat’s jalapeno cheese is a airy loaf of bread with orange cheddar cheese swirled into the loaf. The style from House of Bread is more dense and white cheese is swirled into the loaf. Both are a must try. I noticed the photo of the cheese bread on the House of Bread web page and it shows orange cheddar. I have had this bread several times and it seem white to me. Perhaps the San Louis Obispo location I went to used white cheddar --? There are currently two locations of House of Bread in California with several more coming soon. Check the link below.

      Another must do in Bishop is to stop at Mahogany Smoked Meats for some jerky. It has been years but when we got together with family back then I would buy a ½ pound of “Indian Style Beef Jerky.” It is still my favorite. We also tried their bacon and that alone is worth the drive from L.A. for me.

      Mahogany Smoked Meats
      2345 N. Sierra Hwy
      Bishop, CA 93514

      House of Bread

      I feel a need to go on a drive again.

      1. The Schat family really gets around. I've got relatives in the Ukiah area and have breakfasted many times at the downtown Schat's branch. Google also shows a possible branch in Mammoth Lakes.
        Add another task to the Ukiah via SLO 'to do' list - jalapeno cheese bread inspection :-).

        BTW the House of Bread website says that branches in Chatsworth and Long Beach will be 'opening soon'. Hmmm...

        Schat's Bakeries & Cafe
        113 W Perkins St, Ukiah, CA 95482

        Erick Schat's Bakkery‎
        763 N Main St, Bishop, CA

        Mahogany Smoked Meats
        2345 N Sierra Hwy, Bishop, CA

        House of Bread
        858 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA