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Feb 23, 2008 02:52 PM

what is new on 7th avenue in the slope?

I remember the old places--snookey's--veggie restaurant next door to Back to the Land--what is new and really good?

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  1. I don't know how "new" you mean but, within the past couple of years, a few Italian places (Anthony's, Elementi, Scaliano) have opened, as well as Moim (Korean, Garfield near 7th), Beet (Thai) and Chiles and Chocolate (Mexican). Do not bother with Brooklyn Burger Bar, which has gotten universally panned on this board.

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    1. re: parkslopemama

      beer table and you also have applewood right off 7th and little d...don't bother with can get a better meal at the olive garden...

      1. re: cdog

        then why bother with beer table cdog? you can't even get a "meal" there...

        1. re: TBird

          Not even close to Olive you really understand what simple peasant food is from Italy??

          1. re: slopeguy

            slopeguy..confused by your post..scalino is better than olive garden?

            i do understand simple peasant parents are simple peasant folks from italy..i grew up on the stuff. scalino is just not good. it is by far the worst italian place in the slope. BYOB is pretty much the only saving grace...

            1. re: cdog

              I have to say Cdog, that is a gross exaggeration in my opinion. In fact, I was there today for lunch with my wife and 2 1/2-year old and we had a really nice time. The owner and staff were about as nice and accommodating as can be. We shared an arugula parmegean salad, a grilled calamari dish and the papardelle in creamy tomato sauce with bacon bits and really enjoyed everything. We topped it off with chocolate mousse and espresso, which really hit the spot. I acknowledge that it's not Il Mulino, but it was certainly enjoyable and seems to be a very nice neighborhood option. We will most certainly be back again.... With all due respect, the Olive Garden comment just destroyed any credibility you otherwise might have had on the subject.

              1. re: Deuce

                sorry...i just find it to be mediocre and never have a good meal. is the olive garden comment too harsh? sorry! i still think that the majoirty of home cooks can put out food that is just as good. they are essentially opening a package of pasta and serving it. they are serving store bought sausage and throwing it with some rapini. you and i can do the same with a simple trip to the supermarket. this place is what it is, cheap medicore food.

                1. re: cdog

                  No need to apologize. Afterall, it's a matter of personal opinion, which is why I think some of your "debates" with others are pointless -- I'm not going to "convince" you that Scalino is not mediocre, nor would I try. Sometimes these discussions take on WFAN proportions.... Anyway, I just wanted to get a different perspective on the place out there.

                  1. re: Deuce

                    like the WFAN reference...if that's what i am doing, i should probably get off the board or at least off the scalino theme...

                    1. re: cdog

                      anyone know what brand froz. yogurt is opening on 7th ave. bet. union and berkeley???