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Feb 23, 2008 02:39 PM

Yummy Thai Food in Surrounding Downtown Area

Hi All, it's raining out and I'm craving some thai food. Does anyone have any suggestions for yummy Thai food maybe in Downtown, Alhambra, South Pasadena, Highland Park, Eagle Rock area? Thanks a bunch. Now let's eat. : )

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  1. Not downtown, but been meaning to check out some of the SGV options on this list:

    We're about to brave Patakan on Fair Oaks in South Pas to satisfy the Thai craving. Ordinarily I wouldn't recommend it, but a couple weeks ago I had some really good tom yum goong there, so they're getting a second chance from me.

    I'm interested in hearing where you end up. Good Thai is hard to come by in these parts. Thai Eagle Rox, on York, used to be quite good, but not anymore (there may have been a change of ownership or personnel). Classic Thai on York is just bland and boring, although the location is kind of cute and cozy for a rainy day. A lot of people like the Saladangs on Fair Oaks, but I just find the food to be unnecessarily sweet.

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      Reporting back to say that Patakan was actually good. We had beef satay, garlic eggplant, and pad kee mao with chicken - all very tasty. Perhaps I wrote this place off too soon!

    2. Thai World in Alhambra is a good choice. I recommend their BBQ chicken, pad thai, and tom yum soup.

      46 W Valley Blvd
      Alhambra, CA, 91801

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        1. Salla (aka Sala) Thai on Alpine Street in the heart of Chinatown just east of Broadway is tiny and friendly. It's in one of those micromalls and usually has a stand selling fried bananas out front.