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J. Buffett's Cheeseburger in Paradise

Jake and I went just for kicks today.
Drinks: blackberry mojito and a pomegranite mojito, then split a small icy cold house beer. FANTASTIC

Apps: queso and chips-melted velveeta with chopped tomatoes, not spicy in the least. Side of pace picante sauce...salty and blech. Fried pickles...corn meal crust with horseradish dipping sauce. okay with the beer.

Food: he got the Baja burger with onion straws, jalapenos, sour cream, lettuce, cheese and salsa. He loved it. I got the blue cheese burger which I sent back after one salty bite. Switched up to the pressed burger which was pretty tasty.

$43.00, AMAZING service, okay food, FANTASTIC booze.

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  1. chelley, what's the "pressed burger"?

    I love fried pickles...glad to hear theirs were OK!

    1. I am going to get slaughtered for this one but... its a burger with VELVEETA cheese, salsa ketchup and mayo on an inside out buttered bun that has been weighted down and pressed into crusty deliciousness.

      Next time we drive an hour to Land Big Fish, we are going to Red Robin. Im sure Ill be assaulted for that one, too!

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        Ooooh, that actually sounds pretty good! Thanks for the detail!

        (And don't sweat it about Red Robin. I like their hamburgers and the strawberry lemonade is excellent, especially if you ask them to add a shot of vodka!)

      2. I have found the food @ Cheeseburger in Paradise to be pretty average in my 10 or so visits(its close to my office, so it is convenient for an after work stop). They do however have some of the coldest beer, and frozen mugs around.

        1. The only appealing thing at this resto is the plate of 6 mini cheeseburgers. I can't eat an 8 oz burger and I can split this with a friend. Otherwise, I found the food very chain restaurant ordinary.

          1. i thought buffett wasn't assoicated with the cheeseburger in paradise chain. i actually thought he sued them awhile back. i thought he only had margaritaville chain??

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              he gave a big benefit concert at the one that opened (and just closed) in my town, so i'd say there's some association. the store opened about 3 years ago, so, of course, it's possible they've parted ways since then.

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                Cheeseburger in Paradise is actually owned by the same group that owns Outback.

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                  i found this in an article about a new place he's opening in wakiki called jimmy buffet at the beachcomber

                  ".....which brings us to Cheeseburger in Paradise.

                  The Waikiki and Maui restaurants have no connection to Buffett except for a lawsuit he filed against the business years ago over its use of the name, taken from one of his songs.

                  The two eateries got to keep the name, but others have been named for their locations, such as Cheeseburger Waikiki."

                  1. re: toncasmo

                    Cheeseburger in Paradise is owned by OSI Restaurant Partners,
                    LLC by license from Jimmy Buffett. Thats from CIP website.

                    1. re: john86roe

                      Cheeseburger in Paradise from Maui (the one that J Buffett sued) is part of a different chain that is now just called Cheeseburger after the lawsuit was resolved.

                      Here is the Jimmy Buffett one:


                      Here is the one from Maui that now has locations in many cities as well with the original location still going by Cheeseburger in Paradise:


                      Personally, I prefer the Maui chain, but it has gone downhill in the last several years, and the waiters follow a crazy script that beats you over the head to buy one of their numerous trinkets available for sale.

            2. I've been to the one in Orlando (had the meatloaf sandwich), and about 6 mos ago, went to the one in Vegas. I had the Cuban sand in Vegas, but my friend got the CHEESEBURGER IN PARADISE and OMG, it was the BEST burger I have ever tried. In the gift shop they had a cookbook with the recipe for it. I has neck bones, filet mignon, all kids of yummy cuts of beef. I can't wait to go back so I can have one all to myself! oh also, the conch fritter were interesting and good.

              1. I'm a Parrothead so what can I say. When I'm in key west I'm already doing my happy dance.

                1. Craving burgers, stranded in chain-land. We went to CIP the other night. The decor is kind of hilarious, all beachy yet nowhere near the beach. Our server was very good. Cadillac margarita (Sauza Gold & Gran Marnier) was great.

                  Burgers were very good. I had the Bacon Cheddar. he had the Mushroom Swiss. Both cooked medium rare as requested (the server even explained what to expect when ordering MR). Crab & Spinach dip was described as having Asiago yet tasted a lot like artificial cheese. chips served with the dip were greasy. Fries were seasoned well adn not too greasy.

                  Over all, I might go back if I'm again stranded in chain-land.

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                    In my neck of the woods, when the side of the restaurant is open in warm weather, it looks out onto a busy freeway. Kind of a weird juxtaposition with the beach theme and all.

                    The chocolate nachoes are good. I really appreciate the turkey and veggie burger options.

                  2. Haven't been since years ago in Maui, but I'm always up for a place that serves mojitos - more than one kind is a big, big rarity around here! Most places don't have the fresh mint to make one kind!