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Jan 30, 2002 05:08 PM

No frills sushi in pasadena

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I just moved to pasadena and I am looking for an good, afrordable sushi place. Sushi Roku was recomended, but I found it to be mediocre sushi surrounded by overly trendy people in an expensive buiding. I felt as if 60% of my bill went to maintain the waterfall in the bar and the rock statues in the dining area, i just want good, no-frills sushi.
any ideas?

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  1. Try Sushi of Naples on Green St. (735 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101 (626) 578-1123). I always ate the sushi there and never had a bad experience. Since it's not in Old Town, it's not trying too hard to establish that trendy atmosphere, just serves good food.

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      Caitlin Wheeler

      Try Komeyoshi, on Marengo and Glenarm. I went there for years, but they recently changed chefs. I went there about 4 months ago and it was only OK, then I went again in December (I live in NY, come to Pasadena for visits, hence the long time between visits) and they had another new chef and it was really really good. (I think the newest chef was the owner). Their fish is always really fresh (even at the only OK time)

      1. Pasadena is just a hop, skip, and jump to downtown Los, where there are tons of great places in Little Tokyo. Sushi Gen, in Honda Plaza on Second is delish. On Third and Alameda in the Mitzuna (sp?) Marketplace (formerly Yoahan), there's a great place on the third floor. I sometimes go to Ai in South Pas, but I ate there the other night and felt a bit "off," so I'm crossing it off my list. At least for awhile....

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          That would be Tsukasa in the Mitsuwa Plaza on Alameda.