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Feb 23, 2008 01:59 PM

Searching for best selection of fresh chile peppers near Cerritos

I'm in search of a really nice selection of fresh chile peppers near the Cerritos area. Willing to travel to South Bay or Orange County areas as well. Haven't been able to find any really good Pasilla peppers.
Thank you!

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  1. Um, this question always has to be asked...

    Do you mean pasilla or poblano chiles? In fresh form, the pasilla is usually labeled 'chilaca' around here and poblanos are usually labeled 'pasilla'. The former are long, narrow and very dark green, the latter are shorter, medium green and much wider (suitable for stuffing). The former are hard to find outside of Latino markets, the latter are available at almost any supermarket.

    Link to picture of a chilaca:
    Note that the Wikipedia picture is wrong (shows a poblano).

    Quality is another matter entirely. The (Gonzales) Northgate market near me always seems to have to the overall best quality. There are Northgate markets in Paramount and Norwalk: OTOH Right Now, Big Saver has the best looking and cheapest chilacas I've ever seen, maybe they've got the supply chain right finally. Big Saver has markets in Norwalk and Bellflower:

    Good hunting!

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      Thanks DiveFan. I will check out Northgate market. We tried Big Saver last weekend and most of the peppers looked old...not fresh at all. Interesting that the peppers are labeled wrong...appreciate your insight!

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        You might want to check out the Irvine farmers' market. There's nearly always fresh pasillas. But I second the Northgate recommendation, and also there's a 99 Ranch in Artesia.