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Feb 23, 2008 01:49 PM

Suggestions for convivial relatively cheap restaurant

I know Montreal well, I was born here and grew up here, however I can never think when the time comes (bday party for example) of a convivial relatively cheap restaurant for the 20-35 crowd, something that is NOT carlos and pepe, zazium, etc

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  1. Three places just off the top of my head.

    1- Afrodiziac (Plan to spend the entire night there, service is super slow, but in a good way)

    2- Khyber Pass (Good Afghan BYOW)

    3- Vices & Versa (technically a bar, with 29 beers on tap, but Their food is pretty decent, if not exciting)

        1. re: Simon Patrice

          thanks a lot guys!

          i already knew khyber pass and chez doval, very good choices esp. KB but the others i have never heard of

          1. re: Boluda

            For my Afrodiziac review:

            Vices & Versa Website:

            Petit Alep and it's sister resto have been touted by many, I suggest you search the board for references.

        2. re: swissfoodie

          Similar to Doval, Roi du Plateau. In fact, I like it more than Doval. Not sure about the party potential though. Heard that they have live music at some nights, but never came across it.

          My friend has been at Club Espagnol for a reunion and she has been raving about it; it is on my to go list now. If flamenco is your thing, it might be a good idea to reserve a table on the flamenco night.

          1. re: emerilcantcook

            oh my! I would never recommend Club EspaƱol... I went for a friend's birthday, and none of us could believe the mediocre (at best) quality of the food. Paellas were tasteless, and quite expensive.

            1. re: alixium

              I agree with that assessment of the paella, but the tapas are another story (though perhaps not the best in town). And it's a great place for a group.

              1. re: alixium

                And, and would not recommend Il Fornetto, in Lachine, as last night the texture of the calamari were similar to elastics, but in favour of the restaurant, they were returned, substituted with ordinary salad. We saw another plate go by to a distant table, with the urge to ask: why put something on the menu that is obviously not well prepared or with a main ingredient that is not truly edible?

          2. I would also suggest Le Petit coin du MExique on Jean-Talon near Iberville. Friendly service, really good and cheap mexican fare. I really enjoy it.

            1. Au Petit Extra has decent prices and very good food.

              1. so 6 months after my OP

                - i went to petit alep twice : great place, really what i had in mind.

                - vice versa once, but just for a beer. great terrace. must check out the food next time.

                any other suggestion?