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Feb 23, 2008 01:44 PM

Clinton St. Baking Co. -- long wait at 1:30?

I want to go to Clinton St. tomorrow (Sunday) around 1:30? Could anyone tell me what kind of wait I should expect for a party of 4?

Also -- is there anywhere in the neighborhood to go for mimosas while we wait?

Recommendations are always welcome -- we are definitely getting the pancakes, breakfast sandwich and bacon, but open for more, of course.


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  1. You're probably looking at an hour, at least. 1:30 is prime time. But maybe you'll luck out, who knows.

    1. its very hard for them to accommodate 4 people and i would say that unless you get lucky, you're looking at more like 1 1/2 - 2 hours. clinton st baking co makes a delicious brunch, but i would suggest trying to get there closer to when they open unless you want to stand around for most of the afternoon.

      1. I arrived at 1:30 and almost starved over 2 hours later. Besides going early, I suggest getting one of their wonderful muffins from the cashier and walk around. Next time I am going early. I can't waste my time like that

        1. Thank you all for the feedback -- I think we are going to have to skip Clinton St. today because my parents cannot get in to town until then and we are celebrating our engagement. Any alternatives that you can think of that allow reservations or have a shorter wait time? I assume prune is out. Thanks again all!

          1. I heard Taste , UWS has no line but I never have been there. I am going for brunch because of the french toast which I hear is great