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Feb 23, 2008 01:19 PM

Doyers for Vietnamese feast????

am celebrating Asian new years with 10-20 people. thinking Vietnamese this time. would llike round table inexpensive delicious of course pref byob kind of place where we can linger any recs forchoice of food for 8 course vietnamese meal at Doyers or other greatly appreciated

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  1. The Vietnamese Restaurant on (11, I believe) Doyers is perfect for what you describe. They don't rush you and we've sat there for 30 or more minutes after finishing our meal chatting. Food is very good, but doesn't always come in order; appetizers sometimes come after main courses, so I suggest you order them first and then your main courses.

    Their wine list is abysmal, but inexpensive. Corkage is $5 PER PERSON.

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      thanks Stuartmc. any dishes u might recommend for our large party??

    2. looking to plan a dinner there but am at a loss as to 8 0r 9 great dishes for a celebration dinner. any ideas? thanks