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Feb 23, 2008 01:00 PM

ISO good chow @ steeles/dufferin

just started a co-op placement near this major intersection. we go out every friday for lunch. running out of places to go! thanks to this site/boards, we've hit quite a few decent places already...admittedly, some of these choices are suspect.

some korean/japanese place directly across enviro canada building
vinnie zuchinni
sunny dragon (advertised as korean style chinese food)
me va me
some greek place behind the superstore (located among an industrial area)

suggestions would be awesome! we're open to almost any type of cuisine plus we got access to a car so anything within a reasonable driving distance is fair game. also, we're thinking of trying that center street deli on center st. and or that chinese buffet on the northwest corner of the intersection. i've heard mixed reviews on the deli and nothing on the buffet (justifiably so as buffets are not synonymous w/ quality...).

btw, my first time posting here. thanks a bunch!

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  1. Argh. My son used to go to York University so I'd often meet him in his neighbourhood for lunch or dinner. Mostly a wasteland. And specifically do not go to Vinnie Zucchini unless you are in charge of feeding a tykes hockey team. You've been warned.

    However, here are a few suggestions.
    - Thai Bamboo (I think - or bamboo something) on the north side of Steeles, fairly close to Keele. Reasonably decent Thai - not great but passable.
    - There's a Vietnamese place just west of Jane on the north side of Steeles. It's in a plaza with Grace Textiles and has a large blue sign. It's pretty good.
    - On the west side of Dufferin, south of Steeles (actually fairly close to the SuperStore) there's a Korean and sushi place. It's in a nondescript office complex with signs in the window. The sushi is ok.
    - Me Va Me and Sababa are good middle eastern/israeli. Sababa has great take-out falafel (in a plaza on the north side of Steeles, east of Bathurst)
    - Kiva's Deli and Bagels on the south side of Steeles, just west of Bathurst. Really good Kosher-style bagels and lox and tuna salad and eggs etc.

    That's all I can think of for now. Good luck.

    1. There's a place at 864 Alness, about 1 km south of Steeles from the Home Depot store.
      It's called BBQ Express (the name was adopted by the latest owners but it doesn't describe the existing restaurant). I admit that I've only eaten the cheese omelette with home fries, but that's only because it's so good it's what I always want when I go there. The rest of the menu is fairly eclectic. There's a big screen tv, a good number of tables, and they have cold beer.
      The prices are amazingly reasonable, probably the lowest you'll find anywhere in the neighbourhood. You may find the quantity of food on the plate a little less than you're used to, but I find I usually waste a lot of food at most restaurants because of overly large servings. When I leave the BBQ Express after my cheese omelette my plate is totally clean.

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      1. re: torontovore

        thanks for the suggestions Nyleve and torontovore! these places are definitely going on our to-go list.

      2. I agree with Nyleve below, it used to be mostly a wasteland. But a few good places have popped up recently. Some of my suggestions:

        - Do yourself a favour and head north on Dufferin just past Hwy 7 to Sofra Grill and get the chicken shawarma with salad combo. Best in the GTA!

        - Sababa and Me Va Me and both great. I like the sandwiches (shawarma and falafel) at Me Va Me Express take-out a bit farther east more than I like the restaurant.

        - Southstreet Burger Co on the SW side of Dufferin & Steeles is great! Fast food place.

        - 2nd Thai Bamoo, food is fresh and pretty good there. Service I find is very slow.

        - Strongly 2nd your choice of Centre St Deli, sandwiches there are fantastic!

        Good luck!

        1. on the north side of steeles b/w bathurst and yonge (not sure if that's too far) across the street from center point mall there's a plaza called 'yorkville north'. at the most northern part of the plaza (it's sort of u shaped) is a chinese restaurant that has decent dim sum. i'm sorry i can't remember the name. it's pretty busy at lunch so the stuff comes pretty consistently.

          1. I am posting so that you will not be disappointed when you try the stuff. But If you accept the food for what it is, at least you can say you ate and your blood sugar`levels didn't go wacko.
            Jewish baking is a lost art except at Haymishe Bakery (Bathurst and Lawrence). Kiva's bagels are good as bait for carp fishing.
            South St Burgers are the essence of mediocrity.
            Sababá's owners are Christian Arabs from Nazareth. However their customers are mostly Jewish and they have perfected their felafel to the Jewish Israeli taste; indeed it is a caricature. The flavouring is salt and garlic powder; so strong that it imposes on you the knowledge that you got your money's worth of flavouring ; the reult is unpleasant and thrist inducing. The salad stuffing is iceberg with a bit of tomato. Pita tastes like Wonderbread. It is hard to made a worse felafel unless you have malice aforethought.I venture that no arab in Israel would make a fealafel like this.
            Me-va- me is a wholsesome bore, which is OK if this is to your liking.
            Centre St Deli cheats. Chemically cured and injected brisket. the Wonderbread of deli. Lik eKiva's more assimilated crap. Steeles Deli ( last I knew, I gave up on deli in Toronto) is much better, even though the owner is Chinese. He is purported to prepare his own briskets.

            The treasure in all of this is Asahi , the little Japanese ma and pop. around the corner , west side, of Me -va -me in the plaza at B athurst and Steeles. Very tasty and cheap. No Chinese or Korean stigma in the cooking. The only non Japanese owned Japanese restaurant that I will go to; everywhere else that I have tried was offensive. $5.99 lunch special. Tea, miso soup, bento box..

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            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              Wow, that is extreme, don't you think? I have to say that I fully disagree with virtually everything you've said here (except Asahi, as I haven't tried it). I would normally sum this up to just differing tastes, but it seems like a lot more than that, as it sounds like you truly hate many of those places. Sorry to hear that.