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Feb 23, 2008 12:58 PM

seeking miniature ice cream cones to buy (to fill myself)

Seeking minature ice cream cones (to buy)
I have searched high and low for mini ice cream cones, . Does anyone have suggestions for where to get these. i want to serve them at a party and feel it is kind of ridiculous to order them from the Internet (but if desperate enoough would like that info too). all suggestions welcomed.

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  1. This probably belongs in another topic. I found myself zoning out to 'Take Home Chef' last night, and watched him not only make his own flavored ice cream, but his own cones too with a mini pizzelle machine. The batter was 5 ingredient easy enough, and they would be fresh. They ran under $50 before shipping. Here's one link I found when I Googled:

    Oh, and they say it would also be good for cannolis.

    1. I recall seeing tiny ice cream cones at Sizzler. Perhaps you can work out a deal with your local Sizzler Restaurant? Also, have you thought about making your own ice cream cup by using a sugar cookie recipe or pie crust dough or even phyllo dough and a miniature cupcake pan?

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        i've also seen them at souplantation.

      2. Great ideas... i iwll try myself and also go to sizzler. i am doing a fundraiser so i have so many other things i am juggling...i cant believe they arent just out there...must be like the cupcake trend...first there were none and now they are everywhere...keep thinking, tho!

        1. I bought mini ice cream (cake) cones at Ralphs.
          (edit: I called my sister and the box says "Disney" kids cones)

          1. have you tried Smart & Final? I know I've seen the regular cones, not sure about small ones.