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seeking miniature ice cream cones to buy (to fill myself)

Seeking minature ice cream cones (to buy)
I have searched high and low for mini ice cream cones, . Does anyone have suggestions for where to get these. i want to serve them at a party and feel it is kind of ridiculous to order them from the Internet (but if desperate enoough would like that info too). all suggestions welcomed.

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  1. This probably belongs in another topic. I found myself zoning out to 'Take Home Chef' last night, and watched him not only make his own flavored ice cream, but his own cones too with a mini pizzelle machine. The batter was 5 ingredient easy enough, and they would be fresh. They ran under $50 before shipping. Here's one link I found when I Googled:


    Oh, and they say it would also be good for cannolis.

    1. I recall seeing tiny ice cream cones at Sizzler. Perhaps you can work out a deal with your local Sizzler Restaurant? Also, have you thought about making your own ice cream cup by using a sugar cookie recipe or pie crust dough or even phyllo dough and a miniature cupcake pan?

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        i've also seen them at souplantation.

      2. Great ideas... i iwll try myself and also go to sizzler. i am doing a fundraiser so i have so many other things i am juggling...i cant believe they arent just out there...must be like the cupcake trend...first there were none and now they are everywhere...keep thinking, tho!

        1. I bought mini ice cream (cake) cones at Ralphs.
          (edit: I called my sister and the box says "Disney" kids cones)

          1. have you tried Smart & Final? I know I've seen the regular cones, not sure about small ones.

            1. thanks for the great idea..ill be checking them out tomorrow..someone on another board told me about a mail order: joy's which also looks promising!

              1. Williams Sonoma carried an italian brand of small cones 2 years ago ... they were waffle cones, super delish. They came in a blue & white box - perhaps someone at Customer service could source them for you?

                1. I bought a box of teeny tiny ice cream cones at my local Ralph's. They are sold as Kids Mini Cones under the Disney brand. They are not sugar cones but the other, less sweet kind (drawing a blank, sorry).

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                    I bought a pack at Ralph's too. Didn't realize it was that small. But end up being perfect size for my 3-yr old, who never could finish the regular size cone.

                  2. Hi, Cibo foods in staten isalnd has got just what you are looking for.

                    1. Hi I'm looking for mini sugar cones too, and I was wondering if you ever found them?

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                        hi there
                        no i didnt
                        any help from chowhounds????

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                          I ordered Joys Kids Cones from Amazon. Right size, but they're cake cones, not sugar cones. I had to order 12 boxes ($21), but I think they'll make good gifts. Have a look at

                      2. http://www.chow.com/account/activate/...

                        netgrocer.com do a search for kid cones

                        These are mini cake cones...60 per box hold 1-2 ounces Fabulous

                        1. GSGelato.com sells them. 1200/cs at about 3 cents each.

                          1. Belated post, I know, but this thread came up while I was searching for little wafer ice cream cones online. I just got an order from mattcones.com That site has both the sweet (which I now have) and an unsweetened variety (for savory snacks) of mini wafer cones; the box says they were made in Germany. I got the delivery before I even expected them to be shipped. Looking forward to all sorts of little ice cream creations now.

                            1. Try Nicole's in Pasadena. I remember them having all sorts of mini dessert cups for filling.

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                                Wonderful pastry shapes and chocolate shapes but didn't see sweet or savory ice cream type cones.

                              2. Try Surfas. They have a good selection of this kinda thing

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                                  Doesn't have any...however on Amazon, a place called Baking Addict does carry them in 24 count, but is out of stock until July 1, 2014. I need them by June 27....Any other suggestions, all above were tried that were in my area (NY) and no luck so far...

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                                    Try Matt's- they were very speedy when I ordered. Good luck.

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                                      Or these if you can use a lot or share with friends:

                                      Now I want to get some more!

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                                        Joy mini-cup cones

                                        Store locator




                                        EDIT: found 5 stores w/i 10-miles of zip code 10012 that carry box of 42-minis using Joy's store locator.

                                        hope this helps