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Feb 23, 2008 12:44 PM

Sushi 85

How is this place in Mountain View? I was interested in their all you can eat deal.

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  1. Sushi 85 is ranked as No. 42 (out of 62) on the Big List of Peninsula Sushi at

    No. 42
    Sushi 85
    1350 Grant Rd.
    Mountain View
    (650) 965-8898

    This is the cheapest sushi in the region. If mass quantities of poor quality fish is your ideal, Sushi 85 is definitely the place. The $15.95 all-you-can-eat lunch deal works out to $20.25 with tea and the customary 20 percent tip. If you walk in hungry, you could get the per-plate average price below $2 without breaking a sweat.

    The true comparison here should not be to restaurant sushi, but to average-quality supermarket sushi. On that basis, it works out to be a decent value. And the made-to-order sushi here is preferable to a really bad boat moat where the goods have been circling the room for hours. (Ordering ala carte without the all-you-can-eat deal would be a much poorer value.) There are 14 fancy rolls on the AYCE menu at lunch and 23 at dinner, making this an excellent place to feed, say, a high school football team. Lots of fried things Sushi Monster wouldn't try for all the toro in Tokyo. Lots of mayo, sriracha and sweet sauces. Not much in the way of nigiri selection. Ebi, sake and tai are safe bets. Avoid the small scallops with noxiously sweet sauce and sriracha/mayo goop. Standard tekka maki six-piece set somehow managed to taste of saba. Service on both sides of the bar was very good.

    Bottom line averaged $2.10 per plate. (But again, a reasonably hungry person could easily drive that down to maybe $1.80 per plate.)

    Sushi Monster

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      Are you referring to a new version of the Big List that isn't posted yet? I recall seeing some mention that you're working on a version 4.0, and this would seem to be another mention of that. :)

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        Yes. I'm sorry. I have three more lunches before I can finally assemble 4.0 and launch it. Give me a few days ... There were more bottom-tier joints lurking in the shadows than I ever expected. Every time I'd think I was done, someone would mention "just one more" ...

        Sushi Monster

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          For all the work you've done, someone should throw a chowdown for you in celebration of the (presumably) final iteration of The List. I'd do it myself, but unfortunately I don't have the money to fund a sushi feast for 20 at Sakae or Akane.

    2. Well I just came back from all you can eat dinner there, and it was pretty good. The fish seemed fresh, there was good variety, service was very prompt, and the value is really good if you come with an appetite. I probably ate $75 worth of ala carte sushi.

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        I have never had any decent all-you-can-eat sushi, but if you have been to Todai, can you please tell us how your meal compared to one at Todai, at least for the sush part?


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          Sushi 85 is definitely better than Todai.

          At least S85 is made to order, slightly better quality. Sushi rice is very bland or no vinegar flavoring. Chefs speak Mandarin, and judging from the lack of a northern mainland accent, my guess is they're from Taiwan.

          Sushi in Taiwan using local that's a completely different animal altogether.