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Feb 23, 2008 12:31 PM

NYC Delis Ship To DC For Dad's 80th Birthday?

Hello Chowhounders --

Dad's 80th birthday is coming up and for his first 18 years he was a New Yorker (actually Port Chester). He's always been a fan of the traditional New York ethnic foods like fried smelts, potato pancakes, all kinds of fish (e.g., pickled herring), corned beef, yada yada. Port Chester was a mixed Polish, Jewish, Scot, European mishmash back in his day, and he seems to love it all (even haggis!). Sardines! Bean soups! You get the picture.

So when someone suggested a deli type of buffet I kind of blanched but suddenly thought "This might be good if we can get THE REAL THING", and not some ersatz DC/Baltimore treatment of deli. NYC deli.

I'm thinking corned beef, brisket, roast beef, some turkey, etc. Also whitefish salad, lox, NYC bagels, mustard(s), chopped liver w/ egg and onions, maybe some gefilte + horseradish, etc. Potato salad(s) (w/ egg?), some vegetable type salads, etc. This is for about 20 people, a Saturday brunch type affair, and very informal otherwise.

I know that Fedex overnight would be expensive but that's a given (I'd almost be willing to do the 8 hour round trip myself, but Friday night/Saturday morning might be a problem for a real Kosher deli, yes?).

So there you have it. I've called 2nd Avenue and they said call back Monday. I'd consider Carnegie for the corned beef sandwiches alone but (I know, I know) they're for tourists and could they fulfill the other requirements?

So thinking big deli spread, 20 people, Saturday AM-noonish, generous servings, something to surprise a DC/Baltimore boy of 80 who's been deprived of his "roots" foods for so many years, what might you guys suggest?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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  1. Zabars ships.,defau...

    Katz's ships. (Send a Salami to your boy in the Army).

    Never heard of these folks, but they ship:

      1. I have used Carnegie to ship lots of deli, including their bread, potato salad, cole slaw, mustard, pickles, etc. The are excellent and the best in NY. Their number is 800-334-5606. They will also ship a cheesecake, or call the Cheesecake Factory 800-330-2253.For the best chicken soup call 1-87-send-soup or Its the best.
        For dairy, one of the best in NYC is Barney Greengrass 212-724-4707. They will ship blinzes, lox, cream cheese, bagels and unbelievable white fish, as well as creamed herring. I now get blinzes from the Oceanside Knish Factory 516-766-4445. I order the pineapple/cheese, and they are hand made and orgasmic. I could keep going, but not sure how much you want to hear, so try these joints, and you will be well taken care of. Good luck, Irwin

        1. If this is not too late....

          I would not get appetizing, i.e., smoked fishes, pickled herring, etc., from a deli. For me, there is only one place for that: Russ & Daughters. They ship.

          For the deli and other components of your spread, I'd order from Mill Basin Deli, in Brooklyn. They ship.

          Best wishes to your dad on his 80th birthday!

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          1. re: RGR

            Of course, none of these places (save for Katz's salami) ship to APO addresses. Anybody know of a deli that does? The box address is in California. It would have to be frozen and the corned beef wouldn't be the same -- I know -- but I'm in Korea and I'll take what I can get.

            1. re: centraal

              Second Ave ships. The food comes on dry ice and well packed. I sent my son pastrami etc to camp and he was the most popular ( and best fed) teen there. Russ and Daughters is also fabulous.

          2. Barney Greengrass is an UWS institution in it's own rights. I bet they might ship. Zabars though has really nice gift boxes they make up.