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Feb 23, 2008 12:31 PM

Looking for best Cuban & best Tapas in Miami

We'll be visiting our son at the University of Miami next weekend and want to take him to some first rate Cuban retaurants. Also, we'd love to locate a great tapas place. We heard there is one in Coral Gables, near the campus, in a gas station???

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  1. to look for either -- just look using the search this forum feature.. both have been discussed extensively in this forum.

    Best Cuban: Habana Vieja, 3622 Coral Way

    1. Best Cuban in Miami

      Best Tapas in Miami

      List of "Best" / "Tops" List

      The tapas place you're thinking of is El Carajo which is in the back of the Citgo gas station at 17th Ave. & US1. It has been one of my favorites but I heard rumors recently that the chef had left and some of my favorite dishes (i.e. the piquillo peppers stuffed w/ bacalao & topped w/ a squid ink sauce) were no longer available. There's another location on Red Road near intersection w/ Flagler.

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          I miss that dish too. I was there last week, saw the word pepper and ordered a similar dish, which was a total disappointment. My husband ordered a pork dish with sth wine in it that was so bad he didn't finish it. And that never happened with the previous chef.

          Las Culabrinas in Coconut Grove is a good choice too.

          1. re: tarepanda

            There's another El Carajo on Red Road which I'm going to try sometime to see if it's any good. I'm crushed to hear the one at the Citgo has declined.