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Feb 23, 2008 12:12 PM

Mesa Grill & Barbecue; Costa Mesa 17th Street

Friend pointed out a new bbq place on 17th in Costa Mesa.
Where the Baja Fresh used to be next to Long Drugs ( Opposite Santa Monica Seafood ) there is now Mesa Grill & Barbecue.
I got the Family platter for 2 and a grilled veggie sandwich to go.
The platter had ; half chicken ( nice rub ); 2 nice pieces of tri-tip;coconut shrimp; pulled pork; 4 baby back ribs. Also included were 2 salads and a choice of 2 sides ( i had mac and cheese and the coleslaw ).
(looking at the menu i should have got "home fries" with it as well but that was missing. No big deal it was still enough food )
The grilled veggie sandwich came with a good amount of home made potato chips.
All the food was good and for $20 for the platter was good value for amount of food.
The sandwich was $6.75 .

I wish i had more contact details but the three menus i took away were "borrowed" by friends later on who wanted to see what was on offer.

One other thing i liked that sometimes gets missed. They had a nice sauce bar set up with jugs of bbq sauces ; italian dressing ;another jug of sauce and other condiments. So no stingy to go containers or charging extra for more sauce.
( and a bowl of toreados to help yourself too )

So 17th street now was 2 barbecue places.

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  1. But how did it TASTE?

    Walked by there today on the way to Omelette Parlor, and acquaintance almost gagged when he read the name (he's not a Food Network fan).

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    1. re: brekkie_fan

      Funny you say that brekkie! I clicked on this topic secretly hoping Bobby opened up a place locally! ;-)

    2. Nice to hear about it. Got an exact address, for those of us not that familiar with 17th St.? I kinda know where Santa Monica Seafood is, but haven't been there in awhile. That's pretty close to Newport Blvd, right?

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      1. re: Wonginator

        Exit 55 which turns to newport. Left on 17th.

      2. Sitting here after finishing the Mesa Platter this is what I think. . .

        Food was pretty good but not great. I've never before been to a BBQ place that did NOT have napkins of some kind at the table.

        The salad was really good.
        The Tri Tip was done medium/well and I like mine more rare.
        The Ribs were, again, good but not great.
        The Pulled Pork was tasty but I almost never order it so I really don't have a frame of reference for comparison.
        The Chicken was very moist but a bit oily.
        The corn on the cob was tasty.
        The breadsticks were nothing special, a little BBQ rub sprinkled on would have made them much better.
        The Red Cabbage Cole Slaw was not very good. You should skip it.

        I would say that if you are craving BBQ and in the neighborhood then Mesa BBQ will do. You won't leave raving about the food but you won't leave hungry either.

        Mesa Grill & Barbecue
        171 E. 17th St.
        Costa Mesa, CA 92627
        (949) 722-2994

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        1. re: MacGuy

          I think the owners would have done better to stick with what they've been doing while overseeing their Baja Fresh franchise. I think they'd be better serving their customers with Mexican food. The barbecue we had was just okay and the menu seemed to lack focus. Pizzas. Wraps. Barbecue. It just doesn't seem like a recipe for long-term success. They don't even have smoking pits, do they?

          R. Jason Coulston

          1. re: MacGuy

            Thanks for the updated review and street address. Tried to find it when I drove by last week, but didn't see it. Should be able to find it now.

            Do you remember what type of ribs were on the menu. Stuartmm mentions baby backs. Do they have beef ribs or brisket on the menu?

            1. re: Wonginator

              Finally had a chance to try this place today. Most everyone's comments seem to be pretty accurate.

              I ordered the baby back ribs (only type of ribs on the menu, no pork spareribs or beef ribs), with sides of corn on the cob, mac n' cheese, breadstick). I thought the baby backs were pretty good, flavorful and pretty tender. Mac 'n cheese was very good, better than I was expecting. Corn on the cob was unique with some feta cheese sprinkled on it, but it tasted overcooked and dry. Breadstick was soft and tasty.

              Overall, I enjoyed it and might go back to explore other parts of the menu, but the BBQ selection is rather limited. Maybe try the tri-tip or roasted chicken next time.

              Co-worker ordered pulled pork sandwich, reported it to be just OK, not as good as the ones at Beach Pit BBQ or Lucille's. My brother ordered the tri-tip wrap, declared it to be not impressive and very similar to the burrito at Sharky's Woodfire Grill.

              Agree with the comments that the menu seems to be all over the place, with pizzas, salads, wraps, sandwiches, BBQ. The place did seem pretty busy today at lunch, with lots of people coming in after we sat down.

            2. re: MacGuy

              Wanted to update my original review. Since I live close by I've been going here often and getting their Tri-Tip Cobb Salad. It's very good and it has been my dinner on quite a few evenings.

              I got the ribs again last week and still think they are just ok. If you really want ribs go to Newport Rib Company or Beach Pit BBQ.

            3. Any more reviews for this place? I found a coupon in the mail today and would like to try this place. Is there a menu or a website somewhere?