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Feb 23, 2008 12:10 PM

Salmon cooked on a plank, over a fire, on an island thingy.

Saw a special about some touristy looking island in the Pacific Northwest where a group can ferry on out (I believe near Seattle) to a replica of a native village, then eat Salmon cooked on a cedar plank over a fire. Where is this place? Is it any good? And, what is this all about?

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  1. I believe you're thinking of Tillicum Village which is indeed near Seattle--the charter boat that goes to and from there docks on Seattle's waterfront. I've not been there, and funnily enough, don't know anyone who has, even though I've lived here 30 years. I also don't know if it's actually sponsored by or associated with a tribe.

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    1. B-N-F, You can replicate the dish easily:
      1. Soak a wooden shingle in water for an hour.
      2. Place a batch of Mrs. Paul's fish sticks on it.
      3. Bake as recipe on the box describes.
      Otherwise, there are much better ways to prepare salmon.

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        Let me get this right. Your favorite food is skillet fried chicken with gravy and one of your favorite restaurants is Corky's in Memphis.
        So I guess that means you would rather have a piece of farm raised salmon smothered with sausage gravy or BBQ sauce that a piece of wood smoked wild salmon with a little beurre blanc? Unbelievable!

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          That is some of the most skewed logic I have ever encountered.

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            Dagrassroots, Indeed. Even the Army no longer serves s--- on a shingle.

        1. Very popular with tourists, and 4th Grade field trips.............

          Sort of like those charter "lobster bakes" in New England, locals never go, but if you are from out of town, its a way to get on the water, and see a place you normally wouldn't.

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            Ha! I think I went on a 4th or 6th grade field trip! Too funny. I vaguely remember the dancers. This is the first I've heard of the place since elementary school...

          2. Tillicum Village is located on Blake Island which is a Washington State Park. You can take an Argosy out there - I think they have a regular schedule or you can take the Tillicum Village charter Argosy which includes the dinner. I take a group of people from work out there every year for a hike and for dinner (they're an ever changing group of out of towners).

            The salmon and the bread are the standouts on the menu which is a buffet style all you can eat affair. The evening dinner cruise and dinner includes a steamed clam reception where they are cooking the clams on the path up to the longhouse. They give you your cup of clams and you are supposed to throw the shells onto the path and stomp on them (its a clam shell path!). I don't know if the school kids on the daytime cruise get the steamed clam reception.

            Blake Island is a beautiful place with wildlife, campgrounds, picnic grounds and a great veiw of the city. Thgere are hiking trails all over the island, including a loop around the island that takes several hours and one right over the top of the island (east to west).

            By then you'll be ready for the dinner! Or bring your own and picnic - or during the summer order it at their outdoor 'cafe' window (ice cream or popcycles with your salmon?).

            The dinner features native dancing in a traditional northwest longhouse - and the whole thing smellls like cedar smoke. The dancers are the same people that cook and serve tables.

            Blake Island is beautiful and Tillicum Village can be fun and interesting with the right attitude (and group).

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              That is excellent information! Thank you from ALL.