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Feb 23, 2008 11:21 AM

The baby will be here in May, what should I be cooking?

I don't want to resort to mac and cheese and pizza everynight, but with the arrival of my first child I don't think I'll be spending much time at the stove. So far I am planning on making some ravioli, maybe rilletttes, a couple of long simmered pasta sauces. I need other ideas to stuff the freezer!

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  1. shepherd's pie, lasagnes, stews, soups, chicken pot pies. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Merkin! Congrats on the baby first of all. Secondly, in addition to what the previous poster suggested, make a couple big batches of stock and freeze em into cubes or cups and then you're not using boxed stock when you do get a chance to cook! Good luck with rest of the pregnancy! -aecs

      1. Congratulations on the future addition to your family!

        Crust-on-top fruit cobblers freeze well, as does cleaned and cooked fruit. Home-made is a great freezer-stuffer as well.

        1. Fun! I had a baby in August. Actually, I found I had more inclination to cook than expected-- not complicated things though. So we used fewer of our pre-made meals than I expected. Next time I'll do more short cut things, like freezing stock, roasted chicken, dough for pie/quiche crusts. Frozen pesto was also good, though we had access to lots of basil since it was summer. An all-purpose tomato sauce would be good. And some trail mix would also be good to have on-hand for the nursing appetite! Breads would also be good if you make your own-- they freeze well and you will likely not have time for that level of baking. Enjoy the final months of your pregnancy-- you have some exciting times ahead!

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            I have to say that I felt that I wanted to cook a lot, too. My mind went numb just looking after my baby all day, so in addition to caring for her, I did a lot of other tasks to make the day fly by. I cooked a lot, actually. And sorted my dresser drawers and other stuff. I think those frozen meals are useful only those first 10 days or so when you feel like you've been hit by a truck after giving birth (my whole body ached from all the straining and pushing)---longer than 10 days if you have a C-section, I suppose. I also second the pasta sauces. I make and freeze bolognaise, meatballs, stuff like that. I also make and freeze lentil dishes to eat with rice, stuff like that. If you like BBQ, you can order or make some and stick it in the freezer for that time, too. Oh, one last thing, right after giving birth for the first week or so, you should try to eat soft, less seasoned foods cuz hard stools, especially spicy, could be painful, especially if you end up having an episiotomy. I ate a lot of veggies in broth, oatmeal, and dried fruit for those first few days. Does your partner cook?

            Many congratulations and may you have an easy delivery!

          2. Congratulations- I had to wait all thru the hot summer being huge- glad this is not your fate...

            I agree with the other poster who said they used less than they planned on- once you have the baby- you'll be suprised how much "Super Mom" hormone comes crashing thru- I thought I'd need so much help, in all areas, and it wasn't true. I took pride in cooking simple meals with my baby in the bassinet in the kitchen.

            I found having pasta and sauces, lots of fresh veggies, and sirlion kebabs kept me happy and nursing like a tropper thru the first 6 months- then you start making food for you and the baby- so then you go veggie/puree stage.

            What I'd be doing, is making suggestions to your friends and family on what you'd like brought to you once the baby is here- my friend just had her 4th (bless her) and I was emailed a request list of WE ARE HUNGRY-PLEASE SEND FOOD!! I sent over a meatloaf and roasted potatoes- devoured lickity split I am told.

            Again- congrats and good luck. It is such a rewarding experience!