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Feb 23, 2008 11:13 AM

Good vegetarian-Indian on Westside?

Any suggestions?
My wife is raw vegetarian, I'll eat anything.

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  1. Samosa House has very tasty food but what do you mean by "...raw veg..." cause most Indian veg food is cooked?

    Samosa House
    11510 W Washington Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA (at Mc Laughlin, just south of I-10, Culver City area)

    1. Samosa House is good, but tends to be extremely salty, over-spiced, and they put canned kidney beans in their dal, which is a real bummer. The Jackfruit dish and the spinach-cheese dish are pretty good, but salty...I prefer Anapurna at Motor and Venice on the East side of the street, across from Versailles...I usually get the veggie platter for $8 and it's tons of very tasty food...

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      1. re: DeLobster

        Wow. Couldn't disagree more. Annapurna tends to strike me as greasy, and flavorless for South Indian. When I want something in that vein I make the drive out for Jay Bharat or Woodlands in Artesia.

        Samosa House, on the other hand, is one of the great pleasures on the Westside. I generally love the steam table options, and the samosas are just plain brilliant. Mind you, I'm a great advocate of getting their food to go... eating in the market is pretty uncomfortable.

        None of which speaks to the raw issue. As far as I know there is no such thing as raw indian... if only because to achieve the correct flavors the spices themselves need to be toasted before being used.

        1. re: Moomin

          i completely concur with moomin--
          i LOVE samosa house, and felt that the food at anapurna was too bland/greasy for my tastes.

          normally their dal does not contain kidney beans.

          be sure to ask them if they are serving their delicious banana, mango, pistachio soup when you go there. it is terrific.

      2. Chandni on Wilshire around 18th in Santa Monica. Excellent veggie fare.

        1. there is not much served at most indian restaurants for a raw vegetarian to eat.

          1. Samosa House is a very good local Westside vegetarian option as others have mentioned but for raw, I don't know if Indian cuisine is there. My assumption is that given the cultures and climate of India, raw would not be a practical or safe consideration back in its mother country. This would lead me to guess that raw dishes in Indian cuisine are few and far between. But you do have a raw vegan option just four blocks to the west of Samosa House - Leaf - that people seem to feel strongly about either way. I've tried to like it a few times but found it not for me. My sister is an organic vegan who tried Leaf and didn't care for it either. But they do seem to stay busy - if that is any sign of devotion and turnover.