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Spring Street Smokehouse

anybody ever eat there? decent?

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  1. The last time I went there was a few months ago. They changed their MO, which I didn't care for. It went from order and pay to sit down table service. They also added a bar in that dining space. I think the bbq is mediocre and their sauces are too sweet. BBQ King down the street isn't any better in my opinion.

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      The sauce @bbq king is hate it or love it, I personally like it. As far as the ribs, I think they're "good enough" for the geographical area. Heavy on the smokey taste, but note nearly tender enough to be really called BBQ IMHO. Good if you like to gnaw (esp. the beef), not good if you're expecting huge chunks of meat. When I go to bbq king, I like getting the rib tips. I pass on the beef/baby back. I hear their burgers are good though.

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        I love BBQ, and often would rather chow on fair BBQ than better quality other food. But I agree with ns1 about BBQ King on Cesar Chavez/Sunset and Figueroa. Their spareribs are overly crusty and tough, with little meat. Some have praised their burger, which admittedly is big, but it also comes dry, not juicy at all. Whether crowded or empty, their service is hopelessly slow. And somehow they have found the one spot in L.A. where even on otherwise nice days, it is either stiflingly hot or ridiculously windy there.

    2. terrible ! i had the Worst chicken hot links in my life. My coworker paid almost $8 for the baby back plate, 3 small small small ribs and 2 sorry sides.

      1. I've said it before, stick to the basics at this place. Order the brisket or tri-tip meat BY ITSELF. It comes with ~1/2 loaf of bread. Doctor the sauce and put it on Yourself.

        'Chicken' and 'sausage' rarely go together well. For example Aidell's pork sausages are just fine but the chicken and turkey ones have peculiar taste and texture.

        IMO cooking chicken and ribs correctly is always more problematic for a BBQ joint than smoking big hunks of beef and pork. Likewise good sides are hard to find - watery slaw, bland potato salad, icky sweet beans, etc, are all too common. Caveat emptor!

        Spring Street Smokehouse BBQ
        640 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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          Maybe because I've been spoiled by the best chicken links anywhere From Money savers meats. Stevies used it when they were open. And Phillip's BBQ uses it also. The bar has been set Too High.....

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            BBQ King uses Pete's Links on Jefferson, I saw him buying a ton of them one day.

            Pete's Louisiana Style Hot Links
            3701 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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              I like pete's Beef links, however The chicken ones are So So. philip's uses the beef ones. Stevies used to put the beef ones in their Gumbo.

        2. I like SSS, I had the beef ribs which were pretty good. The sauce is not overly sweet and the ribs are not overly tender or skimpy on the meat. Also you walk in and you get a whole loaf of white bread at your table. BBQ King on the other hand is terrible, last time I went they were out of ribs.... the tri tip tasted like candy meat, and all the sides were unedible, it was terrible.

          1. i ate there 2 weeks ago i screwed up and didn't order the sauce on the side ( i always order the sauce on the side ...if a place says they can't...i walk out the door ) - i did not think the sauce was overly sweet - the brisket ...cut way too thin, the sausage ( beef ) ok ....too much sauce. the sides ...holy cow ...terrible !! i'm convinced the mac and cheese was the boxed stuff ( the high end box...not the powder ) and then they threw in some bbq sauce....the corn bread...boring....there was thing i liked - the appetizer...chicken wings ...tasty...but again...cut back on the sauce.

            it's too bad because it's the kind of place that you root for - not the best location...my sense ...some young owners trying to make it...good luck !

            1. Worth a try particularly if you are a beer drinker. They have wine too. Around 5 to 8 beers on tap - mostly Angel City brews. You can order a sampler of 4 or six small beers. Some interesting bottles too.

              I think they call this bbq - Carolina style. It is a thin type BBQ sauce and more tangy than sweet. They have a sampler plate that you can try and see what you may want to order next time. You can add 2 sides for an additional $2 (total for the 2 sides). I recommend the potato salad. Red beans and rice are better than some of the others such as corn bread. The fries are decent too.

              Nice people and good music. One flat screen TV usually showing sports. Small bar of aroung 6 stools. Plastic utensils, paper towels for napkins, corrugated steel on the walls and a funky location on the edge of Chinatown and Olvera St. Food quality can be a little uneven so I recommend trying it more than once. Fun to take first timers there as the environment and location create a unique experience.

              1. I go for the beer and the brisket with sauce on the side. I enjoy it, but it's not one of those places that I bring other people to.

                1. I liked the feel of the old place a lot more, but the food is more or less the same in my estimation. Small, overpriced, mediocre sides, tons of bread, lots of sauce, and decent bbq. I usually opt for the pulled pork sandwich spicy, and it comes with enough spice to cause me to cough, but not so much that I search for milk. The rib tips were awful. Of the sides, I've had the collard greens, hush puppies, mac n cheese and fries, and only the fries were any good. I agree with DiveFan and say don't order anything outside of your entree.

                  In terms of service, the guys seem nice enough, but I've gotten more than one odd look from the bartender/cashier when I say I don't want a beer. Is it so hard to believe I just want my sandwich?

                  1. I know, an old post, but I didn't want to start a new one. I had dinner here tonight around 5:00 - easy street parking but expensive - $2.00 for an hour. Fortunately after 6:00, it's free. I ordered the Chili which had beans and brisket in it ($5.00), the Cajun Stuffed Chicken ($13.95), and 3 White Rascals - beer ($13.86 total for the 3). The Chili was good, maybe a little on the spicy side, but good. The Chicken was amazing - 2 boneless thighs stuffed with jalapenos, onions, and cheese - wrapped entirely with bacon and then pit fired. This was so delicious - so tender and flavorful. It came with a side of crispy seasoned fries and a side of beans. The guy tending bar (Lance) was very cool. He definitely knows his beer and now has me hooked on these White Rascals - very refreshing. I'll definitely be back, especially for the stuffed chicken.

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                      I'm not going to say that SSS has great bbq. I do however, patronize it on a regular basis (3 or 4 times a year) for the simple fact that it's bbq in chinatown (my 'hood). The staff are friendly and you can get shiner bock as well as a wide variety of other brews. Last time I was there a friend and I decided to split a full rack of ribs ($22 w/ two sides) and while not at all tender it was a HUGE rack of full-grown hog ribs and fed us both a sizable meal the next day.

                      I have heard that the owner used to do some kind of prison catering. Does any one know anything about this? It kind of makes sense if you've been there. All in all though, if you're in the downtown area and you want bbq this is the only game in town. And by LA bbq standards it is more than serviceable.