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Feb 23, 2008 09:57 AM

Coming to Troon in March...

I am coming in early March with my husband and parents to the Four Seasons again we arrive late Wed and return late sun night.

We have reservations at Binkley's on Saturday night.

Thoughts for Thur and Fri include: Sea Saw, Richardson's, Lon's at Hermosa, Lola, Tapino, and Yasu. We are looking for great food and ambience, as well. We do not mind traveling for food, but prepfer not to travel far both nights.

What are your favorites on this list...or are there others we should consider instead?

We have done Barrio, Sassi, Los Sombreros, T. Cook's, Eddie V's, Mastros, Wildfish, Durant's, Elements, etc.

Thank you!

Also looking for other fun things to do involving food, e.g.. we went to dish for $2 glasses of wine and walked around...AJ's for burgers...would love to do a wine tasting somewhere, etc..

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  1. Re: Binkley's: Inside or outside?, are the wine pairing worth it or should we order wine a la carte?, are there some stand out things we must order, and, finally, what no of courses is best? if 4, is the cheese or dessert better? we are so excited--thank you!

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      My husband and I, too, will be coming to the Four Seasons at Troon early March. For our first night, we were considering eating at the hotel. Any recommendations, yes or no? We've been to Binkley's, Sea Saw, elements, T. Cook, Cowboy Ciao in the past. Definitely planning on Pizzeria Bianco this time, whatever the wait. And hope to go to Lon's at the Hermosa. Any other suggestions? Was thinking about Rancho Pinot. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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        If I remember, Mosaic is just up the road about 5 minutes from the Four Seasons. I haven't eaten there, but I have seen good reviews on it in the past. Perhaps someone on the board here can give a review of it. You can go to their website and get a look at the menu and wine list, even make reservations.

    2. Binkley's - early March might be nice outside but we've always sat inside and it's been great. As far as wine pairings, for 2 of you, think it would be a good deal. If you have a bigger party, they can typically spend that same pairing budget & do some fun & interesting wines. With only 2, think the variety with the pairings would be nice. We always go 5 or 6 course (hot app, cold app, fish, meat, cheese & dessert). At least one of us always goes 6. Couple of times we have been so full that we were struggling to finish the cheese course - they have a super duper rich black truffle fondue. As far as standout things, the menu changes so we always just go open minded. I'd definitely listen to dessert and make your mind up there. They've had some beautiful desserts. The cheese selection is super too though.

      WOW, Binkley's has a new website btw.

      For your other choice, I'd definitely go Sea Saw. While it's definitely not cheap, the food is absolutely amazing.