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Feb 23, 2008 09:41 AM

Any recs for Josie's?

Going there for dinner tonight---any recommendations of foods you've loved there?

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    1. We had a mushroom appetizer in a flaky pastry which was very delicious--it may be a special.

      1. I thought the bacon-wrapped quail was incredible.

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          Good review of Josie in the March Los Angeles Magazine but Kuh neglected to mention my favorite item on the menu: The Buffalo Burger with gruyere and foie gas (also comes with a heap of truffle fries). I also really like the Tagine of Short Ribs, the Venison and the Scallops. For starters, the quail or the frogs' legs or any of the salads.

        2. Lucky you! Venison, rib eye medallions, quail. The last time I was there, we ordered a bottle of Jaffurs Syrah, which paired beautifully with the venison and rib eye medallions. Enjoy!