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Feb 23, 2008 09:37 AM

Which steakhouse & WHY?

My boyfriend's birthday is in 3 weeks and I want to take him out for a great steak dinner. (Sorry Luger fans, Brooklyn's not in the cards for this night)

I know a lot of you CHers love Keens. But, I've got my brother telling me Old Homestead is the way to go. And I'm interested in BLT Steak, or maybe Palm Too.

Please help me choose & tell me why I should go to one place over another! Also, I don't know if it matters but we're looking for a casual place -- not stuffy.


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  1. Although all of the top places are fairly expensive, is money a consideration at all?

    I have enjoyed meals at Keen's and Old Homestead, as well as other steakhouses in the city, but Old Homestead in particular can really add up.

    1. I believe whichever Steakhouse you choose, you will have a good time and enjoy your meal.

      A close friend works for Buckhead Beef, a division of Sysco Foods who supplies all the top houses in the city, including Luger's.....unless they haven't paid their bills, says The Capital Grill is one of the best in the city that gets little recognition. My recommendation is the Rib-Eye Delmonico at The Homestead or Del Frisco's. Both have always been excellent whenever I have had them.

      1. I'm a Keen's girl. Love the food, the atmosphere, the service, and the laid-back clientele. It's not as business-expense-account-only oriented as some of the other upscale steak houses, including Palm, Del Frisco's, and Morton's. Haven't been back to Homestead since six of us had dinner there a couple of years ago and not one of us got our meat as ordered. Could just have been a bad night, but when I'm paying that much for a meal I'm no longer willing to take my chances.

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          1. Even though I am from out of town, I have eaten at every major steakhouse in NYC except BLT and Strip House....most of them multiple times. I would vote as strongly as possible for Keen's. The historic atmosphere is interesting and the prime dry aged steak, (try porterhouse for two) is superb. One of the few steakhouses I did not care for was Homestead.

            Palm Too is okay,part of the Palm chain. One you did not mention, Sparks, is a major independent. Get the sirloin there. If you boyfriend is at all interested in wine,
            There is no choice but Sparks. They have a wonderful expansive wine list....notice I said expansive, but NOT expensive. They do not mark up wines 2-3-4 times like others.

            So, for steak and atmosphere, try Keens. for steak and wine, try Spark's. And enjoy.

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              If you are a creamed spinach fan, sparks does not serve it. Just throwing that out there.