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Feb 23, 2008 09:32 AM

STL...Good Chinese Restaurant near Dogtown?

I recently moved to Dogtown in St. Louis. Are there arny Chinese restaurants in nearby vicinities? Thanks!

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  1. The best Chinese places are on Olive -- a few miles from Dogtown, but not really very far.

    1. The nearest good Chinese restaurant would be House of Wong, in Clayton at the corner of N. Central & Maryland.

      Other than Olive, there are Asian restaurants on South Grand--but I am not sure about Chinese.
      Everest, on Manchester, between Boyle and Sarah, is very good, and has a Korean section on the menu. The lunchtime buffet seems to be all Nepalese, which is toned-down Indian (to me at least). My daughter had a lovely and delicious lunch there last Monday.

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        Nepali is indeed influenced by Northern Indian and others, but given the clime (climb?) doesn't have access to the variety of ingredients. It does have some interesting and unexpected kicks.

        is Yen Ching over on B'wood still good?

        1. re: hill food

          There is nothing worthwhile near there. Yen Ching was OK but I have not been for a long time. Check out Wei Hong, LuLu's, all on Olive.

      2. My favorite spot is LuLus on Olive. It's a little bit of a ride (10-15 minutes) but oh my is it worth it. The chicken feet are divine. I dragged my entire family when I decided not to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Half of them loved it, the other half had egg rolls. :-)

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          You had chicken feet? I am impressed.