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Feb 23, 2008 09:22 AM

Le Cirque revisited

Or, is it worth revisiting Le Cirque?

Well, in a few weeks I will be there for a special occasion and I was hoping for some guidance. Any not-to-be-missed items?

I looked at the menu online and while I think it may be hard to have the food worth what they charge, I am not paying. So what should I eat?

Btw, the tasting menu is out as a few of the party have the appetite of small birds.

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  1. I've not been since they moved to the Bloomberg building, but it was recently reviewed in the New York Times and got three stars, I believe.

    1. I was just there for restaurant week. I loved it. I had the chestnut parpaddelle appetizer, branzino & the fabulous chocolate dessert. I loved every minute of it. Since my family is european we are used to long dinners. So I was there with my girlfriends and chatting it up long after we drank out coffee. The staff never rushed us & even kept refilling our water goblets. It is worth the pricetag, esp. for a special occasion.