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Upscale Italian Dinner Near the Common

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I'm looking for a nice, upscale Italian restaurant near the common that might have reservations for 2 for tonight! I'd really like to go someplace with a romantic atmosphere and definitely one that serves good gnocchi. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: teezeetoo

      what do you think about those as compared to sorellina?

      1. re: meigga

        IMO Sorellina is far superior to Via Matta, and Davios is third. If you go to Sorellina, the Veal Milanese is just like what you would get in Italy. Another option is Teatro, closest to the Common, but one caveat is that it is very noisy.

        1. re: Pa amb Tomaquet

          sorellina doesn't have any spots until 9:30, but i'd rather have an earlier dinner time - between via matta and teatro, what would you recommend in terms of ambience? my friend had a birthday dinner at teatro and enjoyed it, but would it be okay for 2 people? from its website, the via matta dining area doesn't look that intimate.

          1. re: meigga

            I think that if you are looking for an intimate spot, Via Matta is the better choice. Teatro, is all stone and tile, with a huge vaulted and frescoed ceiling, and although it oozes Italy, it would be difficult to have an intimate conversation there.

            1. re: Pa amb Tomaquet

              great - thanks so much for the advice!

              1. re: Pa amb Tomaquet

                Via Matta also gets punishingly loud on weekend nights; you could improve this somewhat by sitting on the wine-bar side, but I don't care for it; it feels like dining at the kids' table.

                Another option to consider is Da Vinci. Terrific food -- upscale Campanian/Neapolitan with superb housemade pastas -- nice romantic ambience. Only downside is the bartending could be better, and the wine list is very top-heavy. (And it just got reviewed in the Globe.)