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Feb 23, 2008 08:53 AM

Down Home with the Neeleys

What do you think of this show?

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  1. There's a longer thread started a bit earlier if you scroll down a bit:

    1. I think the show is absolutely FABULOUS. The Neeleys are such a warm, down to earth and loving couple. They compliment each other so well in the kitchen, not to mention the food they prepare looks delicious.

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      1. re: STACYE

        I love them. Gina was a little over the top to me at first but they are so warm I
        look forward to their show . They are a fresh new addition

        1. re: nessiepie

          I just started watching it! She was "over the top" is what she is. Yes...she is probably a very nice lady....but this is television and we can only go by what we see and she is STILL WAY OVER THE TOP and so is he. I like their recipes...but PLEASE they need to tone it down.

      2. I love the show! I just wish that they would prepare some "diabetic friendly" dishes.

        1. I for one don't like the show, there is simply to many sexual comments and they act very silly.

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          1. re: hueyishere

            I agree. They are a huge turnoff for me.

            1. re: C. Hamster

              I am sorry to say...while I love their recipes, I am totally turned off by the barage of sexual comments and their silliness. It's just TOO MUCH. Most times, I turn down the sound until I see the recipe I want to get and then I go online and get it. It's a shame. They seem like very nice people....but the sexuality is absolutely sickening. The other day, I watched while Pat hit Gina on her behind with a spoon...simulating playing a drum. Just ridiculous. They ruin the greatness of their recipes by these types of display. Also...does Pat know any other words but YAL?

          2. It's entertaining. The only negative is Pat's laugh creeps me out. That hehehehe just creeps me out. But that's my issue. Ok two negative things. The way that the Neeley's are promoted, it makes them sound as if they're the only Neeley in town. His uncle, Jim Neeley who runs the famously delicious Interstate BBQ, taught him how to cook. Again, these are my own personal gripes. Other than that, they're fun to watch!

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            1. re: ITry

              I like their cooking but agree that the laugh is really faked and forced. I could do without the cutesy stuff too, but you even get that with Ina and the Dean, so I guess it's an FN schtick.