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Nino's Pizza 'A Little Taste of New York in Texas

Anyone try this new northwest pizza place yet? I just received a coupon for it in the ValPak mail thing.

13776 Research Blvd in Anderson Mill Shopping Center

Monday - Thursday: 11am to 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am to 10pm
Sunday: 12pm to 8pm

And apparently they do sell pizza by the slice!

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  1. While I haven't been there yet, as a NY'er Reales to me is the best pizza in Austin.
    Long live Bobby!!! and a shout out to my bartender Dwayne as the best bar tender in Austin!

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    1. re: Sofa King

      Sofa King,

      I've enjoyed some of Reales pasta, but was totally disappointed by their "Margarita pizza" (their spelling). I tried it a while ago; shortly after Tuscany Market and Cafe closed.

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        Try the Roasted pie at Reale's, it's delicious. I wish they were open on Sunday, I might go get one today.

        Haven't been to Nino's yet either.

    2. I picked up a slice and a sandwich to share for lunch. The slice was really good! I ordered it well done with sausage, onions and light jalapeno. The crust was still crisp when I got it home and I could taste the individual toppings. The sauce was flavorful but not too much or too sweet. The sandwich that I ordered is called the New Yorker and was recommended by the woman at the counter - who, by the way, bothered to engage in conversation about the restaurant and some of the ties to New York. I appreciated her attitude a lot. Back to the sandwich... the New Yorker is Ham, Mortadella, Salami, Capicolla and Pepperoni served on what I deem to be fresh french bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo, italian dressing and my addition of banana peppers. It had great flavor for which I can see that cravings will become very likely.

      Good food and nice people at a very reasonable price (pizza slice + 6" sandwich was $10.50 and easily enough for two medium hungry adults

      They were not very busy, but it was 2:30 or so in the afternoon on a gorgeous Sunday. Also, .a little disappointed that there is no wine or beer on the menu. I failed to ask if BYOB is acceptable.

      1. Just ordered and devoured an18" pie...EGGSALANT, i will be returning often. This pie blows away Brooklyn Pie Co. & Saccones. Ninos crust is delicious. You know who has really crappy pizza... wait for it wait for it , here it comes here it comes...Conans! Their pizza is terrible!

        1. has anyone tried nypd pizza downtown across from the convention center?

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            OMG! I just tried their pizza last week and it was the best I had! I'm going again tonight.

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              Nino's or the one nypd downtown?

          2. Just returned from Ninos today, what a total dissappointment from last time. They had a special two toppings on a 18" for the price of a 15". The crust was way thin, nothing like last time. I than went to Reales $3 off a large and it was way better, not to mention a much heavier pie with more ingrediants.

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              Maybe the pizza chef (who, I think, I also owns the place) had the night off. We brought one home on Friday and it was really great! Hmmm...

            2. We just tried the Nino's Vegetarian and the Spinach Feta.....Both were excellent. We ordered them both well done and the crust was perfect. We absolutely LOVED the Spinach Feta.

              Sorry Yaghi's, Nino's has won our love........for now anyway.

              1. as a forner nyker none of this places jazz me up but the owner of ninos is a nice guy and i hope he makes it but his pizza is average.

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                1. re: nytexan

                  Hey, NYTexan,

                  Are you comparing this pizza with NY or what we have available around here? Did you get a slice or a whole pie?

                  I ask this because, once again, I've had a great pizza. I ordered well-done/crispy, meatballs, onions, green olives and 1/2 jalapeƱo. The price was very fair (18" for about $18 - two meals for us), and we both thought it was one of the best. Since it was in the box for a short time, I did put the box (slightly open) and all in the oven for about ten minutes at 200, as I thought it would have steamed in transit and softened the crust a bit.

                  We enjoy Saccone's, Rounder's, Yaghi's and Reale's ... even Rudino's for a different type... but I'm going to say that in this area, Nino's in #1 in my opinion.

                  I did have a chance to speak with the owner for the first time when I picked up the pizza and do agree with you that he is a nice guy.

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                    rene to me most pizza here is fair at best. i think saccones is very oily and isnt what i call quality pizza. ill give ninos another try as he was a good guy.madolas makes a decent pizza and reales makes a decent sicilian pizza.there is a good ny forzen pizza thAT I GET IN RANDALLS THATis ny slices and taste like ny pizza.its a ny pie frozen and cut into 8 slices .

                2. even though i've lived here for 4 years, i still haven't found the double-threat of delicious and reasonably priced pizza of my native boston.

                  tonight, i tried nino's and it was great-- the crust was thin and just crispy enough, the sauce had a good thickness and flavor, the cheese was copious and tasty.
                  my only bitch is that a "personal" size (12") was $10.50 with one topping and tax.
                  i guess i still need to work on re-setting my expectations, because i just can't stop thinking of pizza in MA prices.