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Jan 30, 2002 12:10 AM

Question about a Westwood Pavillion-area eatery from the mid-80s

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Okay, I know this is kind of obscure but here goes. From the early to middish 80s there was, across from where Panda Inn used to be on Pico on the outside of the Westwood mall, a small Chinese food place with the words "dim sum" in it's name. It served a very unique combination of dim sum-like items, all very tasty. One day I walked in and noticed that the help seemed very hang-dog, as if the owner (likely a family member) had died. A few months later, the place was closed and eventually replaced by a box shop. I think it is something else today.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone else remembers this place, and if they relocated elsewhere or ?

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  1. That was China Diner and as far as I know it never reopened anywhere else. The Los Angeles Public Library has a copy of their menu in their menu collection--see URL below.


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      Thanks! I think that's it. I had no idea there was another location downtown. Strange how it all just disappeared.