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Feb 23, 2008 07:50 AM

Top five lunch spots in the East Village?

What are your five favorites? (Cheap is a plus.) Thanks!

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  1. although I don't frequent the area, two of my cheap(ish) favorites are Minca for ramen and cafecito for cuban.

    1. 1) Max (hands down favorite italian in this area)
      2) Rai Rai Ken (love the ramen and gyoza here- very hearty and delicious)
      3) Hummus Place (the hummus is beyond amazing)
      4) Dumpling Man (love, love the pork dumplings.. i hear the specials are fantastic too)

      I don't have a number 5 since I am still discovering my new neighborhood.. but I heard that Pylos (Greek) and Cafe Mogador are supposed to be really, really good too.

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        Tsmapa for Tibetan and Mingala for Burmese are great as well. A main dish is $9-$12 at both. Fries at Pomme Frites could really serve as a whole meal and the American Diner on 2nd and 5th or 6th has recently added GoGo Curry to it's menu. Seriously good and cheap Japanese style curry. I gotta second Minca too. Plenty of ramen options in the vicinity, but that's my favorite. And Mama's Food Shop for soul food.