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Feb 23, 2008 07:43 AM

Michoacan Food LA?

Plenty of Oaxacan, but how about Michoacan in Los Angeles? Simple and homestyle if anyone knows of one.

Thank you

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  1. Lindo Michoacan (Anaheim)... Carnitas Michoacan (Highland Park and Valley Glen)... Uruapan (Van Nuys)... there are LOTS of Michoacanos out there. Just drive down Vanowen Street in the Valley.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Carnitas Michocan #3 I believe Corner of Venice Blvd & Hoover Just east of USC

      Carnitas Michoacan
      1605 S Hoover St Ste 105, Los Angeles, CA 90006

      1. re: Skunk2Racer

        I have been a frequent and consistent supporter of Carnitas Michaocan on this board, so please let me be clear. Yes, there are similarly named branches such as the above and another on or near Soto in E.L.A. But the one I love and recommend is the one on North Broadway and 19th, above Chinatown, near where the 5 intersects. They are the one with the extraordinary salsa roja and the al pastor on a rotisserie spit. I've stopped in at both of the others (not yet another up in the Valley somewhere) and eaten only once -- in my limited experience they don't compare.

        1. re: nosh

          The one at Victory and Coldwater is very tasty. The one in Highland Park is better, though.

          1. re: nosh

            The E. LA one is at the corner of Soto and Whittier. I like it because I work mere blocks from it, and the menudo is YUM for those Saturday mornings I have to go in and get stuff done. The tacos are tasty enough -- it's East LA, after all -- but I wouldn't go out of my way for 'em.

            1. re: nosh

              I think they are all the same chain. I and my latino Coworkers like the one near USC even though the North Broadway is closer to our work.

              Carnitas Michoacan
              1901 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031

              1. re: nosh

                Yes, this is in Lincoln Heights and it's at Broadway and Avenue 19, just a couple blocks south of the 5 fwy.

          2. What defines Michoacan food to you? Seems like it's sort of been the "default" L.A./SoCal Mexican food, at least before the proliferation of Oaxacan places on the Westside/Pico corridor in the 90s, and L.A. has a huge population of people from that part of Mexico. Any particular dishes you're seeking?

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            1. re: cant talk...eating

              Years ago in Santa Cruz there was a fabulous Michoacan restaurant below the clocktower that had wonderful burritos to which I added nopales. These tasted different from the Oaxacan places where I add the nopales to cecina, carne asada or carnitas burriots. Maybe different flavorings/herbs/seasonings?

              I don't really know, I went to Lindo Michoacan in Las Vegas, but that did not taste the same (and I didn't really like it all that much)

            2. El Metate in Highland Park is run by Michoacanos.

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              1. re: Hailyn

                I just went there for the first time on Friday and it was tasty! The owner was very nice.