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Feb 23, 2008 07:28 AM

SD Hounds need a post Laker game meal

Just did a search and came up with a few recommendations for dinner after the Laker’s game this evening (The Palm, Pacific Dinning Car, R23). Did I miss any gems? All cuisines are appropriate, but food quality is of the utmost importance. Did not really set a budget, so price is not a concern. We are staying in Santa Monica, have a car, will be taking a cab to and from Staples. Last minute decision to go to the game, so no time to make reservations. Thank all of you in advance for the assistance. Bottom line where would you eat after the Laker’s Game tonight (Saturday).

While I'm here we will be driving up from SD (San Diego) this morning and stopping at Phillipes Orginal on the way (is this a good call?). Any other SD to LA must food stops would be appreciated for great breakfast or lunch.


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  1. You could try Ocean on Hill Street, near the theaters.
    I think you'll like Phillippe's, it's fun, funky.

    1. When do you get out of the game? I.e., is time an issue? Also, since you are staying in Santa Monica, would you be open to eating there after the taxi ride, or do you want to eat near Staples center?

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      1. re: DanaB

        Game probably done 930 or so, time not an issue, would be happy to eat in SM after taxi ride. I thought it might be to late to eat in SM (SD does not really have late night dining options, 930 dinner is late by SD standards). Thanks for the reply.


        1. re: stevuchan

          Given the time, I think it better that you stay downtown -- by the time you get out of Staples Center and back to the westside, it will be after 10. Actually, the places you are considering are all decent choices, especially since many of the downtown places stop serving at 9:30. I really like R-23, and if you are in the mood for Japanese, this would be my pick. The other two places, the Palm and Pacific Dining Car, are good for a steak and cocktails.

      2. If you're hungry on the road, up (or down), I highly recommend a stop in San Clemente or San Juan Capistrano at Pedro's Tacos (stand/drive-through) for excellent, huge fish tacos and delicious carne asada burritos, and super inexpensive.

        1. You might consider visiting the temple of pastrami on the West Coast, Langers, at 7th & Alvarado, for lunch.

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          1. re: ChinoWayne

            if you are watching the lakers clippers game tonight, and are planning on staying until the game ends it wont be until after 1000 pm. then to get back to santa monica probabloy take another 40 minutes or so...i say why not stay in town and eat at the pantry, which is 24hrs and down the street from staples center. wait until everyone starts going home then go back to SM>?

            1. re: AGENT FOODIE

              Yeah, the Pantry. I used to love to have lunch there when I worked around the corner. Plain, simple food in a joint with zero atmosphere (the rumor was always that the help were all ex-cons, just a rumor though).

              I always liked the pot roast, meat and potatoes in a brown gravy, canned green beans. Meals would start with a huge stainless steel bowl of carrots, raddishs and green onions and half a round of sourdough bread.

              This is the kind of L.A. joint that reminds you of film noirish L.A.

          2. The Pantry? Really?

            It's one of those places that if you grew up with it, standing in lines for bad food served by ex-cons (kidding about the last part, I think—it's an L.A. urban myth, perhaps), then go for it. But whenever I walk or drive by those Sunday AM lines I'm pretty amazed—but I haven't tried the mayor's more upscale Pantry-adjacent spot.

            Me, I'd give Blue Velvet a try. It's oddly located, but just 5 minutes from Staples across the 110. Great reviews, cool bar scene, good food.

            Zucca is a nice Splichal Italian joint just up from Staples, and of course there's Patina at Walt Disney Concert Hall for the true upper end downtown L.A. experience.

            Oh, and Water Grill. A must for downtown L.A.