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Feb 23, 2008 07:03 AM

Raw Deal: Roxanne's to Go?

The Contra Costa Times reported the other day that Roxanne Klein, she of raw foods fame, had unveiled a line of grab 'n go raw food items at local Whole Foods outlets. Any sightings of this curiosity to report?

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  1. They sell this line of goods at my local Whole Foods in Potrero Hill.

    I tried the seaweed salad first, which was an intriguingly seasoned if slimy and unappealing ripoff at $7.00 for about four onces. The Nutty-Rella cheese was my second purchase, and while no cheaper than the first, it at least has an interesting flavor and pleasant texture going for it.

    Many of the items did seem to be selling too well, being in stock and on the shelves a day or two after the 'Sell-By' date.

    1. This is kind of last-minute and bay area hounds probably don't feel like driving over the hill in this weather, but Roxanne Klein will be at New Leaf market in downtown Santa Cruz from 1-4pm today to sign books and offer samples of her new products. It's not my kind of thing, so I won't be attending but I'll let you know if I try anything from her raw food line down the road...

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        I just missed two tastings in January in Berkeley at Andronico's. However, at the University Ave Andronico's they left some little sample cups of trail mix and ... uh, something else behind ... that may say it all.

        Ok, what I tried was fine. It tasted like normal food. I think it will make the people into raw/vegan/vegetarian food very happy.

        It is sort of pricy. The portions are not that big, but not inadequate either. From what I understand they are filling for what they are. From the Marin Independant Journal review at the end ...

        "Products will retail from $6.99 to $8.99. While that sounds expensive, raw foods, thanks to their sprouted nut bases, tend to be rich. A package of two Tu-nut pinwheels, raw sprouted grain bread wrapped around lettuce, carrots and a tuna salad-like paste of ground sprouted almonds and sunflower seeds, is amazingly filling and would make a hearty lunch. One box of chocolate cake, packaged in two triangles, is so intense it would feed four people"

        Personally, I'm not into trail mix type of stuff so while what I tried was good, it wasn't so over-the-top delicious that I'd put up the bucks for it.

        The University Ave display case is in a good location ... near the registers ... so anyone running in for a quick lunch item might do a grab and go. At the Shattuck Ave location it is in a bad location in the back across from the cheese and easy to walk by. Don't know how successful it will be there.

        If I was into raw and all of that stuff, I'd be more likely to pick up something from Andronico's rather than deal with the whole Cafe Grattitude attitude business. But I'm not, so don't know how likely I'll buy it. Wish I had made it in time for other samples. I think it is one of those items you need to get a sample to decide given the price.

        However, if they guaranteed that eating this stuff would make me look like Roxanne ... well, I'd be camped out by the case.

        The best article I found was from the Marin Independant Journal

        1. re: rworange

          I've never had truly filling vegan food before. The high fiber content will bulk up your stomach temporarily, but I'm inevitable left hungry a few hours later.

          Speaking as someone who is always saying that Americans should spend more money on food, I laughed out loud at Roxanne's prices. $8 for a few ounces of carrots, celery, and dip? $7 for a few ounces of trail mix or granola? Priced by the pound, she's selling the most expensive take out out foot in town.

          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Have you tried it yet or is the price too much to overcome?

            Roxanne's Fine Cuisine
            Novato, Ca, Novato, Ca

            1. re: rworange

              It's way too pricey to bother. Even if I liked it, I wouldn't buy it.

            2. re: Morton the Mousse

              I thought the same thing when i saw the display case in the Berkeley Andronicos. It seemed more expensive than what she sold at the deli years back. It did not look like anything amazing. I would more likely get something to go from Cafe Gratitude for 1/2 the price.

              1. re: gatun

                This time she's trying to make a profit!

                1. re: gatun

                  Cafe Gratitude has a booth with toms of items to eat there or to go at the Marin Farmer's Market on Sunday's now.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I tried the sesame cookies since most non-wheat cookies are blah and was pleasantly surprised. I also purchased the berry trail mix and while it is good, it's not something I would have to buy again.

                1. re: kai27

                  Could you be more specific on what you tried? While what I had wasn't amazing enough for the price, it was hardly yuck.

            2. I ate at her restaurant and bought stuff from her deli a few years back, and while not all of it was delicious, it was all very healthful, labor-intensive and expensive. I cannot afford to make a regular diet of her food, and while her cookbook is beautiful, it simply is not practical for me (a careerwoman and mom) to cook that way, even for one meal. She's a beautiful woman, and I give her credit for trying to mainstream raw vegan foods, even though I've been eating "raw" for decades (does gazpacho and cucumber salad count?).

              1. Skip Roxaanne's and treat yourself to Cafe Gratitude, fresh delicious food and worth the money. I tried Roxanne's version of cheese from whole foods and found the texture good but it had an overwhelming taste of nutritional yeast for like six dollars or so.... not impressed. The othere items did not look appealing.