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Feb 23, 2008 06:54 AM

Chipotle Grill [Moved from Pennsylvania Board]

I saw this was under construction at Plymouth Meeting Mall and the web site indicates it has opened. Can anyone provide info on this restaurant? Is it like Qdoba or Baja Fresh or is it a sit-down service place? Portion size, reviews, etc.


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  1. I use to eat at Chipotle twice a week when I lived in Arizona. The burrito's and soft taco's are very addicting. You order by way of an assembly line i.e you choose if you want a burrito, taco, rice bowl, etc, then you choose if you want rice, what type of beans or fajita style, then the meat, then lettuce, cheese, and finally the temperature of salsa you want. It is very good/efficient and the burrito's are so big that they look like a mini football. The one drawback is that they are not very healthy. If I remember correctly the official website does not publish the nutrition information, but there a few websites devoted to these statistics. Basically, definitely give them a try, you will not be dissapointed.

    1. Yes, it has opened at Plymouth Meeting. It is like Baja Fresh and Qdoba - only better in my opinion. Chipotle Grill is owned by McDonald's and Baja Fresh is owned by Wendy's by the way. Instead of waiting at a table and then called when your order is ready as you do in Baja Fresh, you order to your liking and it's made in front of your eyes. In that way, it's like Qdoba.
      The portions are large. I enjoy Chipotle Grill.

      1. McDonald's divested it's share of Chipotle in 2006. They're no longer connected (in case that would keep you from eating there). It's one of the better fast food options I think. They are making an attempt to buy organic beans and the pork is sourced from Niman Ranch. And it's tasty.

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          I was just going to post that info regarding McDonald's and also mention Wendy's sold Baja Fresh in 2006.

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            I stand corrected on both counts. I do agree that Chipotle is a better fast food option. Sorry for the old information.

        2. Chipotle Grill is assembly line set-up but the ingredients are very fresh and tasty, much better that Baja imo. Portions are pretty big, the burritos weigh a ton after they wrap it up. My fave meat is the carnitas but my guy pals tend to favor the steak, the grilled chicken is supposedly Bell & Evans and very good the corn salsa and guacamole.

          All in all, I can't find one negative of Chipotle. Wait, the crispy tacos don't travel well, try to make your first meal there a sit-down one to get the best results.

          1. I'm a fan of Chipotle. As chains go, the food is simple and fresh and tasty. And quick.

            I have started getting the "burrito bowl" which is all the same ingredients, but in a bowl instead of a tortilla - Saves about 300 calories that way and it's much less bulk, so you don't feel like you have to roll out of there. I also tell them to go easy on the rice. I like their rice but they use a ton of it; it's cheap filler. About half their normal serving is plenty.