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Feb 23, 2008 06:24 AM

Wyld about Crust

It's cause for celebration as another new restaurant has opened in Bonita Springs, with moderate prices. No entree is priced greater than $20, except for Filet Mignon, which is $24. Crust Bistro was created by the chef/owner of Wyld's Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants in the area. Although the prices may be low, the flavor and complexity of dishes are surely not lacking. My first visit was solo, only allowing me to sample a few of the dishes. All the servings were quite generous.

I started with an absolutely delicious white bean bisque with white truffle oil. It had a beautiful smokey flavor. A bowl, not a cup, was $5. I continued with wild mushroom bruschetta with truffled marscapone cheese. This was 3 large pieces of nicely crusty bread with a great topping that could easily feed 4 as an appetizer, all for $7. My entree was flounder casino sauteed in a white wine bacon and pimento butter, for $18. I substituted wild mushroom spinach stuffing for mashed potatoes. Sauteed veggies were also on the plate. I rarely see flounder on menues, and it's one of my favorites. It was cooked perfectly medium rare, without even having to ask, and the sauce was excellent. There were some interesting looking flatbreads, but my server warned me they were a meal in themselves.

Desserts weren't as interesting, but who had room after this meal. The choices included ice cream, fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, 2 cheesecakes, and chocolate cake.

The wine list is fairly priced, with prices that won't break the bank.

The room is painted a comfortably soft red, almost rust color, with an industrial look.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Rev... My mom and her friend really enjoyed their first visit to Wyld's a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, the website for Crust appears to still be under construction. No menu yet -- Wyld's has an excellent site with extensive menus that include prices, an essential provision in my opinion. Is Crust located right next door? Do they share a kitchen?

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      Crust is a bit west of Wylds on the north side of the street. It used to be Toucan. Are you interested in a Sasse's chowdown when your in town?

    2. I was hoping that you would write about this ReverandAndy. I just left Bonita yesterday and was surprised to see that Toucan had been replaced so quickly and that the parking lot was packed every night. Sad to see Toucan go, but glad to hear that this place was great. We will be back again next month and give it a try then. Thanks for the update.

      1. Four of us ate dinner at Crust Bistro recently. We had the bruschetta and Crust salad as starters, then the crispy braised duck legs, gemelli pasta, pork osso bucco, and a stir-fry seafood and rice daily special. All were quite good, but I think the duck was the favorite. Portions were very generous, service was excellent and prompt, and the setting was very pleasant. Prices were reasonable - the most expensive entree was $18. I'd say Crust is an excellent addition to the local restaurant scene.

        1. we took your advice and boy, were we sorry! we started out with what was supposed to be hummus but was more like ground garbanzos....not a taste of olive oil or lemon, much less that leaves one ingredient out of four that they actually used. the sweet potato soup was o.k. but it is hard to ruin that since all it requires is a can of sweet potatoes and some heavy finesse. the lake victoria perch was overcooked (by a lot) and almost inedible. the bread was really terrible. usual steamed veggies, nothing special in the way of flavoring. not only was the food poor, the service was worse and the place was far from full.

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            Marjorie, I'm sorry you had a bad experience but some restaurants may be deemed great or terrible depending on what you order. I just ate there and had the same dishes in my earlier review-white bean soup and flounder. We also thoroughly enjoyed the sauteed mussels, crust and wedgie salad, and crispy duck legs. They were absolutely delicious. I've never had the perch but in florida I always order my seafood medium rare and stress not to overcook. It seems that the demographics crave dried out fish. I haven't had the potato soup. Crust has some terrific dishes and some weak dishes. Unfortunately, it seems like you ordered the latter.