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Feb 23, 2008 05:51 AM

Returning to Boston -- need a fabulous place to eat

I used to live in the Back Bay (moved five years ago) and didn't have the love for food I do now. Looking to take a friend out for her birthday and to celebrate her engagement. The last two places we've been were Masa and The Ivy.

We'd love a recom. for somewhere for fantastic cocktails and then dinner. I'm hoping to avoid the Newbury resturants like Sonzie, Vox ect.

Where should we go?

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  1. Troquet is always consistently fabulous. Mistral is also consistently good. And so is Sorrelina but it can break the bank. For affordable, try Elephant Walk.

    1. Number9 at the bar. Enjoy the wonderful concoctions. Try a tasting flight of cocktails and savour the lobster gnocchi and decadent French onion soup - a play on shortribs that is spectacular.

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      1. re: gyppielou

        Thank you thank you! I've been to Mistral and Elephant Walk and Number 9 and Troquet :) Any work on The Blue Room or Sibling Riv?

        1. re: tracyw19

          FYI, Sorrelina is run by Jamie Mamanno, the same chef/owner of Mistral; the 'hounds here tend to put it on a higher pedestal though (I understand with good reason).

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            Sibling Rivalry is a no-go, in my opinion. I'd second Toro, especially for a more festive atmosphere.

            Another new place that's pretty good is Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. The cocktails in particular are outstanding there.

            Do you have a price point? And what night of the week will you be going?

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              Blue Room is great. A search should turn up some helpful results. It's not as formal as some of the other places mentioned.

          2. Franklin Cafe, Rocca, Toro.

            1. I highly recommend Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge (between Kendall & Central) for cocktails. Good food & fun atmosphere too.

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                a second vote for Eastern Standard Kitchen. Great bar, very good food, generally charming service and reasonable pricepoint. La Voile is an alternative if French is on your mind (the sweetbreads are my favorite).

                1. re: teezeetoo

                  Of course -- gulp -- Friday and Saturday Night -- I had no idea Sib Riv was so bad! The premise sounded so interesting.

                  1. re: tracyw19

                    I don't think Sibling Rivalry is "so bad" at all.

              2. I'd say Franklin Cafe, Union Bar & Restaurant, Eastern Standard. I totally agree that Sibling Rivalry is overrated. It's expensive and the food is not worth the money you pay. I was very disappointed I had wasted my money going there. I could have stayed home and made myself a nice dinner instead.