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eBay Vanilla Beans

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There was a thread running where several people said they had gotten good vanilla beans at good prices from eBay dealers. I searched vanilla beans and came up with several sellers. Before I make a bid I'd like to know which of these sellers you folks got your beans from. I don't think that was mentioned in the posts. Thanks!

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  1. Vanilla Products

    Arizona Vanilla Company (love these guys!

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      thanks QueenB

    2. I got the 1 LB GOURMET Gr A Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans 7" from Vanilla products. Very happy with them. Shipping was fast and no negative issues dealing with this company. All beans are supple, long and fragrant at a fraction of the price compared to the small dried beans in the grocery store spice section.

      1. I've ordered from these people many times. Excellent quality/service/shipping.


        1. This is good information to have - I paid $13 for two beans just the other week - OUCH!