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Feb 23, 2008 04:04 AM

Stuffed cabbage and ????????


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  1. If the cabbage is stuffed with a meat and rice mixture, it might me nice to serve it with glazed carrots. Cabbage and carrots go well together, and the color contrast would be attractive.

    1. Sorry - I meant to add more and hit the wrong key. I'm making a sweet/sour stuffed cabbage with a tomato-y based sauce and want to serve something with it for dinner. I was thinking of potato pancakes, but that might be too carb-heavy for my guests. Any whole grain suggestions?
      Other ideas?

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        Can you make pierogies with whole wheat flour? And something healthy inside like mushrooms? Or maybe just some applesauce or baked apple dish.

      2. I always serve mine with mashed potatoes.