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Feb 22, 2008 11:12 PM

Inexpensive source for Clif Nectar Bars, SEA?

I hate energy bars with a passion, but I found this one kind, Clif Nectar, that are yummy. I like all the fruit flavors but not the cocoa one. Has anyone found a source for them that's good and cheap? They are pretty spendy energy bars. I have looked at a few Trader Joe's and have not seen any of the fruit flavors. I'm in Seattle.

I'd buy a case online too if the shippping is reasonable.

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  1. behold the power of google:

    $11.95 for a 9-bar box...

    or $22.96 for 18 bars...

    have you considered asking your local WFM if you can buy a case from them at a discounted price?

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      No, I do not shop at union busting stores like Whole Foods.

      I did the Google thing, but was not able to find a super good price if you put the shipping on.

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        I got some at fred meyer today, I think they were at least this cheap.

      2. The Burien Trader Joe's used to have chocolate, lemon cashew, and one other that I'm now blanking on, but I haven't seen them the last two times I was there. If you want union friendly, you can buy them by the case at PCC. I think there's a 10% discount on a case (although it may only be 5%). They may even be willing to let you mix types. The folks at my local PCC are always accomodating.

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        1. re: missliss

          Trader Joe's has discontinued Nectar Bars.

        2. fred meyer has these on sale right now by the box for $11.61

          1. REI offers 20% off a dozen or more, mix and match flavors OK. You can order online and get them shipped to the store that's nearest to you and there will be no shipping charge. Plus the price will go toward your rebate, and you can buy bars next year for even less! (Can you tell that I've used this trick before??)