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Trestle - a very pleasant surprise

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we were supposed to eat at tia pol, but long story short it wasnt going to work out b/c we had too many people, so we randomly walked up the street at tried a restaurant called Trestle (10 ave and 24th) and it was very surprisingly good especially given the culinary wasteland that area is. Its got a very nice ambiance reminds me of something in my neighborhood (w village / g village). More importantly the food was quite good, its kind of french influenced american food and all of us thought it was quite good, im just going to write about what i actually tasted (others in my party ordered other dishes which they all liked)

- crispy duck necks - they kind of look like large fish sticks, but they are actually duck necks that have been breaded and lightly fried, these were very good, the meat was nice and tender, the breading wasn't too much and the bones didn't really get in the way
- steak tartar - a good rendition, not the best ive ever had in the city, but quite good...served with a quail egg, capers and parsley mixed in
- skate - this was a special, it was excellent, i love skate and they did an excellent job of not over cooking it (it was pan roasted) and the light sauce did not over power it at all

all and all a very good meal and if u happen to be in the neighborhood i highly recommend, the one issue is the service wasn't up to par although it seemed like a new restaurant trying to get its kinks worked out

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  1. We second Lau's report - have gone to Trestle three times, the first two because the other places we were planning were booked up - each time, we were happy - a kind of low-key, ultimately satisfying, attentive although not terribly efficient service - a really good "neighborhood" type place that is also worth going out of the way for

    1. I had a quite delicious dinner there last summer -- in their back garden -- and decent service, if I remember correctly. The menu is actually sort of nouvelle Austrian/Swiss-ish...